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Professional Liability

Provides coverage of legal fees for your defense should a claim against you arise from acts of professional negligence, whether you're liable or not. It's also known as errors and omissions liability.


Professional Liability

For example: If you or your business fail to provide professional service within reasonable time, causing financial loss to a client or if a claim that your professional services or advice resulted in significant damage or loss to a client. Or, if an agent overlooks critical information, resulting in your client not receiving an agreed upon service.


Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance provides protection for you and your company against claims that your professional services or advice may have caused a client significant financial loss, as a result of negligence or mistakes.


Welcome to Life Agents E&O Insurance with Oracle RMS Ontario provided by the Berkley Insurance Company.

For professionals providing life insurance sales and servicing, disability income insurance, registered retirement income funds, registered retirement savings plans and more in Canada, we offer you a quick and easy insurance solution that provides you with the right coverage instantly when you need it.

Life Agents Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance provides coverage for licensed life agents and licensed accident and sickness agents. When part of your job description is serving your clientele with financial planning, advice and consultation, having Life Agents E&O is incredibly important. It protects these professionals liability coverage for negligence, such as “alleged failure to do on the part of, financial loss caused by, and error or omission within the services offered or product sold by your business”.

With Life Agents E&O insurance, premiums start at only $495 including up to $2M in coverage limits to fit your needs. Monthly payment options are available. You will receive a direct quote, and then you can bind online. Once bound, you will have instant access to your policy documents. Through this quick and easy process, know that your business operations can now be protected.

Examples of Professional Services for Life Agents E&O

Licensed Life Agent

Licensed Accident & Sickness Agent

Life Insurance Sales and Services

RRSP Consultant

RRIF Consultant

RDSP Consultant

TFSA Consultant

RESP Consultant

GIC Consultant

Registered Investment Product Consultant

Facts About Professional Services for Life Agents E&O

155,200 Canadians work as life and health agents – growing at about 2.5% annually over the past 10 years.
There are 57,300 life and health agents that are full-time employees while 97,900 are agents/advisors.   
According to the Canadian Health and Life Insurance Association, in 2018, 22 million Canadians, or 60% of the population, owned $4.7 trillion in life insurance coverage - this includes both group life insurance offered by employers and individual policies. 
The latest study from BMO RRSP found that 69% of Canadians now hold an RRSP account, which has gone up 60% from 2019.
The Financial Services Regulatory Association (FSRA) monitors and oversees approximately 45,000 life insurance agents based in Ontario.

Due to the various types of life agent representatives, you will receive the right Life Agents E&O insurance coverage that will suit your particular wants and needs. With a click of a button, all you have to do is sign up online!

Purchase your Life Agents E&O insurance package today!


Always refer to your insurance policy documents for information about your coverage- including limits, deductibles and exclusions. In case of discrepancy, the insurance contract prevails over general information available on this site.

All insurance products that are bound online are subject to conditions, limitations and exclusions as outlined in the insurance policy documents and applicable legislation.

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