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Watercraft and Boat Insurance With Oracle RMS

If you want to enjoy your time on the water during boating season without worries, it’s crucial to have a reliable boat insurance policy. A good policy will cover everything from your boating gear and personal items to legal fees and damage to someone else’s property. Make sure your coverage fits your needs as a boat owner. Consider working with a trusted boat and watercraft insurance company like Oracle RMS in Vaughan, who really looks out for your best interests.

At Oracle RMS, we specialize in creating customized boating insurance plans for boaters throughout Ontario. We know that everyone’s insurance needs are different, so we design plans that are specifically tailored to your unique situation. And if you ever need to file a claim, our licensed experts will handle everything, making sure the process is smooth and stress-free. This way, you can get back to enjoying the water as soon as possible.

Personal watercraft insurance coverage

At Oracle RMS, we offer a range of boat insurance coverages to suit your needs:

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Liability Insurance

If you accidentally injure someone or damage their property with your boat, this coverage will help pay for those damages.

Broad Navigational Territory

Depending on the policy you choose, this coverage protects you while you’re boating in Canada, the United States, and certain areas of the Caribbean.

Watercraft Medical Coverage

If you get hurt while on your boat or while getting off it, this coverage will help with your medical bills.

Emergency Towing and Loss of Use

If you’re stranded on the water, this coverage helps with the costs of rescue, towing, and repairs. It also covers the expenses of renting another boat while yours is being fixed.

Accidental Pollution Liability

It’s vital to keep our waters clean. If you accidentally spill harmful chemicals or fluids into the water, this coverage will help pay for the cleanup.

Uninsured Watercraft Insurance

If an uninsured boater causes an accident that results in injury to you or your guests, this coverage will help pay for those damages.

Factors that affect your boat insurance premiums

Several things can affect the cost of your boating insurance premium. Here’s what can influence how much you pay:

  • Size and Power of Your Boat: Bigger and more powerful boats generally cost more to insure.
  • Value and Replacement Cost: How much your boat is worth and what it would cost to replace it.
  • Boating Experience and Driving Record: Your history with boating and any previous driving infractions.
  • Boating Safety Courses: If you’ve completed a safety course with Transport Canada.
  • Recent Professional Inspections: Whether your boat has been professionally checked recently.
  • Insurance Claims History: Fewer past claims can lead to lower premiums.
  • Boating Area: The risk level of the waters where you plan to boat, whether it’s a high-risk area or a calm water route.
  • Safety Features: Things like GPS systems and automatic fire extinguishers can affect your premium.
  • Storage Location in the Off-Season: Where and how you store your boat and boating equipment when it’s not in use can impact your insurance costs, as many claims happen during storage.

Get customized boat insurance with Oracle RMS

From smaller boats to giant yachts, we know that every boat and owner is unique. That’s why our insurance brokers at Oracle RMS focus on creating personalized insurance plans that fit your specific needs. With years of experience in the insurance field, our expert insurance brokers will work closely with you to find a policy that gives you peace of mind. From jet skis and fishing boats to sailboats and yacht insurance, we’ve got you covered.


What does boat insurance cover?

Boat insurance helps cover the costs if your boat gets damaged or stolen. It can also pay for injuries or damage to other people or property if you’re involved in an accident.

Do you need a boating license for insurance in Vaughan?

Yes, you typically need a boating license to get boat insurance in Vaughan. This proves you have the necessary training to operate a boat safely.

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