What We Cover


Personal Property Coverage:

This type of coverage covers the contents, valuables and personal belongings that reside in your rental home. It will help pay to repair or replace your belongings after a covered loss, such as theft or fire.


Additional Living Expenses Coverage:

This type of coverage will pay for any additional and necessary expenses, such as rent should you be displaced, depending on the circumstance.


Personal Liability Coverage:

This type of coverage protects you should you be found legally responsible for an accident in or out of your rental home that results in bodily injury or property damage.

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For all tenants looking for a place to rent, there are typically five steps to the process. First, set a price range and make a budget. Second, choose a location. Next, begin the search and take a look at what could be the potential home then make the decision. Lastly, start packing!

Now, it may seem like a straightforward guide in looking for a rental home, however, all tenants should consider adding tenant insurance to their to-do list. Oftentimes, landlords may require the tenant to have tenant insurance as an agreement when they apply to rent their property.


Tenants insurance, which is also known as renters insurance, is a property insurance that provides coverage for a tenants' belongings, liabilities, and in certain cases, their living expenses in the event of loss. Tenant insurance is for individuals renting a single-family unit (home, apartment, condo etc). In addition, all tenants must know that they are not covered under their landlords’ home insurance, despite them living under their property. With how inexpensive it is to set up a tenants policy, as well as how clear-cut the coverages apply to protect your living situation, Tenants insurance has become a staple in the renting industry. 


By buying tenants insurance, you can be covered up to $100,000 for personal property coverage, up to $30,000 for additional living expenses and up to $2M for personal liability coverage. This tenants insurance package applies to single families or up to two roommates sharing a living space.  

Tenants insurance premiums start from $17 monthly, with additional limits available for jewelry, computers and pets (or any other scheduled valuables you may have in possession of the rented space). Start your tenants insurance policy now by  completing the process entirely online! When signing up for tenants insurance, you will receive a direct quote, and can then bind online. Once you bind, there will be instant access to your tenants insurance policy documents with a simple click. Through this quick and easy process, know that you and your rental property can now be covered.

Types of Housing for Rent in Canada


An apartment for rental varies from a basement apartment, walk-up units in low-rise buildings to units located in buildings with elevator access. It has a variety of amenities that can vary from a single onsite washer and dryer, full laundry rooms, common rooms and fitness facilities.


House rentals can include a townhouse, duplexes, semi-detached and single-detached houses. A house rental typically provides more space than most apartments and often provides access to outdoor spaces such as a patio, garden and parking.

Rooming House:

 Rooming houses are particularly shared housing with both short-term (week-to-week) and longer-term rental options. Many rooms have their own refrigerator for a tenant’s personal use. This type of housing is typically more for students living away from home.

The City of Toronto's average rental rate is about $2,800/month.
The City of Windsor's average rental rate is about $1,350/month.
The Town of Belleville's average rental rate is about $1,450/month.
The City of Peterborough's average rental rate is about $1,300/month.

Top Rental Cities in Ontario

Average Rental Costs Across Canada Including With Utilities

  • Alberta: $1,279

  • British Columbia: $1,148

  • Manitoba: $891

  • Newfoundland: $836

  • New Brunswick: $741

  • Northwest Territories: $1,191

  • Nova Scotia: $909

  • Nunavut: $737

  • Ontario: $1,109

  • Prince Edward Island: $817

  • Quebec: $776

  • Saskatchewan: $1,021

  • Yukon: $1,040

Due to the different types of rental living situations every renter has, we ensure you will receive the right Tenants insurance coverage that will suit your particular wants and needs. With a click of a button, all you have to do is sign up online. Purchase your tenants insurance package today! Learn more about Tenants Insurance in Ottawa and Tenants Insurance in Richmond Hill.

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