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The City of Richmond Hill has seen a significant growth in population since the 1990s and continues to increase today. The city has expanded with more business operations, shopping areas, parks, schools, housing and more. Due to the increase of population and the large developments in Richmond Hill, there has also been an increase of housing property being rented out for tenants.

With that being said, it is important for Richmond Hill tenants to be informed about the risks that can occur on the property they reside in, whether it is a single family home, apartment, duplex, condo, loft, studio or townhouse. With tenant insurance in Richmond Hill, tenants will have coverage for their belongings, liabilities and in certain cases, their living expenses in the event of a loss. Usually, Richmond Hill landlords will require their tenant to have tenant insurance before they officially move into the property.

When purchasing tenant insurance in Richmond Hill, the tenants will receive the following coverage for protection:

Contents Insurance: In the event of a fire, theft or other accidental damage, this coverage will cover the cost to repair or replace clothes and most household items owned by the tenant.
Additional Living Expense Coverage: Depending on the circumstances, this coverage will pay for any additional and necessary expenses.
Legal Liability Coverage: Should there be legal action taken against the tenant, this coverage will pay for the legal costs.

Even though some Richmond Hill tenants are working to balance their budget and additional expenses, it is essential and recommended to add tenant insurance to their finances. It should be noted that the cost of tenant insurance relies on how much insurance coverage is required, the specific neighbourhood in Richmond Hill the tenant will be living in, the date of when the unit or apartment of residence was built, the insurance company providing insurance and the tenant’s claims history.

At Oracle RMS, we are partnered with a number of insurance companies who will provide a variety of tenant insurance quotes for all Richmond Hill tenants. In doing so, we will produce the best Richmond Hill tenant insurance coverage and services below:

A custom-tailored insurance policy that work best for the tenant and their price instead of a generic policy
Friendly and effective service from our dedicated and attentive brokers and service representatives
Guidance throughout every step of the claims procedure

Request a quote for tenant insurance in Richmond Hill that is uniquely tailored to your coverage needs. Contact us today and speak directly with one of our licensed brokers who will gladly provide more information.  

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