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From hot yoga to power yoga and vinyasa, practicing yoga offers numerous benefits and peace of mind to clients all across Canada.

As a yoga teacher, you’re in a unique position that enables you to connect with all kinds of clients during your practice. That said, whether you offer private lessons at home, teach online, or own a physical yoga studio, like any business you could be sued and incur expensive legal fees for your professional services, which is why it’s absolutely essential that you have yoga insurance coverage that protects you against legal liability during your yoga practice.

Yoga insurance for all types of yoga instructors

Yoga insurance coverage can look differently for all yoga instructors depending on the type of yoga classes they teach, where they’re located, and other factors.

However, when purchasing this type of insurance, the following policies are should be considered for your own instructor coverage:

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Professional liability insurance (errors and omissions insurance coverage)

A professional liability insurance package is intended to defend the yoga centre business in the event that you face allegations of negligence, professional wrongdoing, or incapacity to render services.

If a client alleges that you caused them harm or injury by your professional instruction or yoga services, this insurance policy will cover you. For instance, this insurance protects you from responsibility if a customer is hurt during an instructional session at your yoga studio and goes on to sue you for injuries.
Professional liability insurance will pay for other costs such as medical bills and legal costs, even if you are not found responsible for professional negligence.

Commercial general liability insurance coverage

Commercial general liability insurance shields your yoga studio, you as the instructor, yoga teachers, and any other staff members you may have from lawsuits alleging third party bodily injury or property damage that occurred while a customer was at and on your yoga studios property. General liability will cover legal fees, pay for medical expenditures, and other costs involved with the claim.

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property liability insurance safeguards your business against physical property harm, theft, or total loss to the structure and its contents by paying for replacements or repairs. This property insurance usually covers damage from fire, floods, severe weather, and other covered perils included in your policy. It also usually covers damage to individual possessions and equipment, as well as theft of merchandise or other items.

Cyber liability insurance

With cyber liability insurance protection, you’ll be covered against cyber attacks that could result in data breaches. THis insurance coverage is especially important if you store client data at your business. For example, you may have an online application form that clients need to fill out before taking one of your classes. In that case, should their personal information be breached, you’ll be protected against third party claims and any legal expenses will be paid for.

Product liability insurance

If yoga instructors offer products, along with the classes, such as a yoga mat, water bottle, yoga straps, or other products, product liability insurance protects you from a lawsuits brought by third parties alleging that a product sold and distributed from your yoga business caused them physical harm or property damage.

Business interruption coverage

Business interruption insurance protects your company from any final losses that can arise from physical property damage to your yoga studio.

This business coverage assists in compensating you for the lost income that occurs while your company is closed for repairs in the event that your business is harmed. It can frequently also offer financial support for recurring costs like rent and staff members salary.

As you can probably tell, yoga instructors have numerous options for insurance, which can be incredibly confusing if you aren’t exactly sure what you’re looking for in the first place. If you’re trying to get insured, reach out to the insurance company you already are insured with, whether for home, auto, or other policies. They’ll likely be able to look into what you’re looking for, and you may qualify for discounts given that you have multiple policies from a single firm.

Alternatively, you can work with a broker like Oracle RMS for tailored insurance solutions.

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If you practice yoga in Uxbridge and are looking for insurance solutions that have your best interests in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experienced insurance brokers from Oracle RMS for tailored experiences and high-quality coverage options.

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Does yoga instructor insurance cover lawsuits against me?

Yes, yoga teachers with professional liability insurance coverage, general liability insurance, and cyber security coverage can protect you against liability insurance claims from third-parties that are made toward you or your studio, wherever it’s located in Canada. Whether you’re an individual yoga teacher, or owner of a studio, having the right coverage, will protect your interests and assets should a claim be filed.

Do I need insurance if I only teach online yoga?

Absolutely, yoga instructors who teach online yoga classes should still consider purchasing insurance to protect them from professional liability claims.

For example, if a yoga client injures themselves while they are logged on and following your instructions online and claims that their injury was due to you being negligent, professional liability insurance can help cover any associated legal costs and settlements that may arise.

At the same time, because you’re teaching online, you’re at risk of cyber attacks. But, with cyber liability insurance you can be insured against breaches in data and other technological issues that could result in client information being hacked.

Ultimately, when it comes to being a yoga instructor, having comprehensive coverage can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re able to share your practice as an instructor, without being liable for any risks.

Does yoga insurance cover copyrighted yoga routines?

If you use copyrighted yoga routines as a yoga instructor, your standard yoga insurance will not provide coverage. You will likely need to purchase separate policies for intellectual property to insure that you have coverage.

If you’re unsure how to proceed, we recommend reaching out to the team from Oracle RMS for more information. Our experienced insurance brokers can walk you through the process of finding an insurance policy that works for your unique needs as a yoga instructor in Canada.

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