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Our homes are our safe space and the place where we create lifelong memories. By owning a mobile home in Ontario, you understand the importance of protecting your investment and your personal property. Obtaining insurance for your mobile home is not mandatory under Canadian law. However, protecting your home from the unexpected is a safeguard that could benefit you in the future. Some mobile park homes require their inhabitants to provide proof of insurance which could be a push towards obtaining insurance. Manufactured home and mobile home insurance will insure the mobile home itself and any attached garages or sheds.

If you are shopping around for mobile home insurance, there are various factors that affect the insurance quote premium. For example, whether you live in your mobile home full time or part time, where it is located, the cost to replace the home and if it’s attached to other mobile homes.

The cost of mobile home insurance can be surprising to most, but these types of homes are associated with specific risks such as the quick spread of fire in mobile homes due to their size and building materials and the higher risk of damage from natural disasters, storms and unfavourable weather conditions. In colder provinces, the damage caused by frozen pipes can be severe and is a common reason amongst mobile home owners to file a claim.

There are also available discounts on insurance for mobile homeowners who fulfill specific criteria. These discounts can be for customers aged 55 or older, have no history of claims, is equipped with security alarms and the installation of  a water leak detection device. The discounts vary depending on the location and the type of mobile home you own. Learn more about what discounts you can qualify for from an Oracle RMS licensed broker.

At Oracle RMS, we have experience providing clients with manufactured home and mobile home insurance. We will shop around for the best rates and provide you options from our wide range of partnered insurance providers. You’ll receive options while we provide you the opportunity to choose what price and coverage works best for you! Every client of Oracle RMS receives a custom-tailored insurance package that is unique to your situation. Your plan will include the required coverage needed. Here at Oracle RMS, we truly believe there is no “one size fits all” approach to insurance.

Mobile Homes can be protected with different coverage and insurance plans. These are the coverages available for mobile home owners:

Contents Insurance: Contents coverage will protect the contents of your home including valuables and personal belongings while in your home and away from your home. They are protected from insured perils which include theft, floods, smoke damage, water damage, fire, vandalism and many more. Your broker will inform you of the claim limits of each peril category.
Personal Liability Insurance: Personal liability is at risk when you are sued by someone who has suffered an injury or has had their property damaged while at your home. This will protect the insured against accidents that happen while in the home to someone who does not live there.
Dwelling Coverage: Insured perils that cause damage to your mobile home will be covered by dwelling insurance. Theft, natural disasters, wind storms, fire, snow storms, water damage, explosion and more are insured perils. Dwelling coverage also accounts for the cost of your entire mobile home should it need to be replaced due to damage.
Additional Living Expenses Coverage: If the damages to your home are severe and cause you to need to be temporarily displaced, this coverage will cover the costs of additional living expenses. These can include rent, hotel says, restaurant meals, take-out meals and the cost of storing your belongings in a storage facility.

Protecting your mobile home can save you stress, money and time should the unexpected happen. If you have any questions about mobile home coverage and what it entails, reach out to Oracle RMS today and request a quote for a manufactured home and mobile home insurance package. Your package will be crafted just for you, in which  a licensed broker will explain all the details to you. They will help you understand what you’re purchasing and provide insight on the coverage needed for you and your situation. Contact Oracle RMS for a quote today!

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