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All homeowners should know that it is important to obtain home insurance. Owning a home is typically the largest investment you’ll ever make. When you have home insurance, you are protecting yourself, spouse/partner and children and providing protection for your property should there be any loss or damages due to unexpected circumstances.

Without home insurance, homeowners will be required to pay out of their own pocket for costly damages and/or legal claims that are made against them. Below is a list of home insurance coverages that homeowners should have:

Personal Liability Coverage: This section of a home insurance policy will provide coverage to protect the insured should a person of their property suffer an injury in your home if they decide to take legal action against you.
Contents Coverage: This type of coverage covers the contents, valuables and personal belongings that reside in your home. It also provides coverage when you’re travelling away from your home – this is covered by an insured peril should there be damages in your home. Insured perils can range from vandalism, theft, fire, flooding, smoke damage, water damage and more.
Dwelling Coverage: This type of coverage in a home insurance policy will cover the costs associated with damages by insured perils in your home. The damages covered include the replacement cost of your entire home as well as the garage and patio.
Additional Living Expenses Coverage: This type of coverage covers the insured if serious damages to your home are severe enough that you are displaced and need to live elsewhere for a period of time. It will cover the following costs: temporarily living in a hotel and rental and storage for your belongings.

Whether customers are shopping for a better home insurance policy, are informed about their upcoming home policy renewal or are looking to save money on their current policy, overall, it is important to be informed about home insurance and how a policy works.

At Oracle RMS, we are here to help inform our customers and clients through every step of the way and after they’ve purchased their policy plan. All customers and clients will be personally assigned to an Oracle licensed broker who’s determined to service their wants and needs for commercial insurance through our connections with an extensive list of insurance companies. Oracle RMS will deliver the following home insurance services below:

A customized home insurance policy that happily work for our customers and their budget instead of a generic policy
Insuring more than one and all types of homes including single-family detached homes, semi-detached homes, bungalows and more
Friendly and effective customer service from our dedicated and attentive brokers and service representatives
Ensuring our clients have peace of mind through every step of the process: quotes, renewals and claims

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