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It’s a luxury to be able to go out and surround yourself with  fresh open waters of Ontario while travelling around on a boat soaking up the warmest weather all year round. During the sunshine-filled summers of Canada, many Canadians are out on the first day of open season, eager to get the summer activities under way. If you’re a boat owner, before rushing to begin boating season, ensure you have the right boating insurance coverage. Although, it is not mandatory to have boating insurance in Ontario, it is mandatory in certain scenarios like when you moor your boat at a marina or if your boat is financed.

Boat & Pleasure Craft insurance will protect your investment, yourself and others from unexpected liabilities on the water.  Whether you own a sailboat, fishing boat, jet boat, pontoon, jet skis and more, at Oracle RMS we can create the right insurance plan for you.

There are multiple factors that affect your boating insurance premium. Insurance premiums can change all depending on specifics. These include:

Your boat’s size and power
The overall value of your boat and how much it would cost to replace
Your past driving record including your experience (if any) in driving a boat
If you have completed a boating safety course with Transport Canada
If you have had your boat professionally inspected recently or at all
Your past boat insurance claims history; the less claims you have the more likely your premium will lower
The area you plan to drive your boat in and whether it is a high risk area, or a simple water route
Whether you have safety features on your boat or not. For example: GPS systems, automatic fire extinguishers
Where you store your boat during the off season (many claims occur while a boat is in storage)

At Oracle RMS, we have a long history in providing custom tailored boating insurance plans for boaters across Ontario. We understand that not everyone needs the same insurance plan, but one that’s unique to their situation. Our plans will save you money and keep you protected by only recommending the coverages we believe you need post assessment. By leveraging our extensive network of industry partners, we are able to shop around on your behalf to find you the very best price. Should you need to make a claim, our licensed professionals will take care of you and support you during the process to ensure it’s stress and hassle free. This way, you’ll be back outside enjoying the water in no time.

The following are a variety of Boating Insurance coverages that we offer at Oracle RMS:

Broad Navigational Territory: This type of coverage will cover you whether you are operating your boat in Canada or the United States. There are also places in the Caribbean that your coverage could apply to, depending on the coverage you choose.
Liability Insurance: This type of coverage will cover related damages should you cause injury to a person or to a property while your boat is in use.
Watercraft Medical Coverage: This type of coverage will cover your medical costs should you suffer an injury on board or attempting to disembark your boat.
Emergency Towing and Loss of Use: This type of coverage will cover the costs of rescue efforts should you become stranded out on the water. It will cover towing and repairs as well as the mechanic(s) on duty. This will also cover the costs of a rental boat as your boat is repaired from damages.
Accidental Pollution Liability: To keep Canadian waters safe, it’s important to not release chemicals or fluids into the water. Should you accidentally release these harmful fluids during an accident, this coverage will cover the costs of the environmental clean-up.
Uninsured Watercraft Insurance: Should you or any guests on your boat be injured during an accident where an uninsured boater is at fault, this coverage will cover the damages.

At Oracle RMS you will receive:

  • The very best rates and options sourced directly from our established network of industry partners
  • Top notch customer service and customer support during the process of submitting a claim
  • Insurance plans for sailboats, fishing boats, jet boats, pontoon, jet skis and more
  • A unique plan made just for you and your boat acknowledging all factors of your situation

Should you have any further questions regarding your insurance quote for Toronto or surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.