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Long recognized as a premier cottage destination in Ontario, Haliburton County was officially formed in 1983 although it can trace its administrative roots back to 1874. Today, the county is home to 18,062 residents and includes the Township of Minden Hills, the Municipality of Dysart et al, the Township of Algonquin Highlands, and the Municipality of Highlands East. Thanks to the many lakes situated within the county, tourists, seasonal residents, and full-time residents alike can all enjoy boating in this region during the summer months.

Although Haliburton County has no shortage of lakes for you to explore, boating can be unpredictable. If someone gets hurt or your boat is hit by another vessel, insurance can help you mitigate your expenses. Whether you’re planning to spend boating season in Ontario or you’re heading to the U.S. coast, having the right coverage can give you the protection you need.

Looking for Boat Insurance in Haliburton? We’ve Got You Covered!

Owning a boat is a significant time and financial investment. If your vessel ever needs post-accident repairs or if you’re in an emergency situation outside of Canadian waters, insurance can help you out in more ways than one. Contact Oracle RMS to discuss your insurance needs or request a FREE boat insurance quote

As you think about your options for boat insurance, there are a couple of coverages that you may want to consider:

Watercraft Medical Coverage Insurance:

Even when you’ve taken every precaution, accidents can happen at any time while you’re on your vessel. This type of insurance can help you with medical costs if you’re hurt on board or while attempting to leave the boat. 

Emergency Towing and Loss of Use Insurance:

If you ever run into engine trouble while you’re out on the water, it may not always be possible to navigate your way back to safety without help. Emergency towing and loss of use coverage can cover expenses like towing costs and repair fees. 

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Boating Facts in Haliburton


Fact 1:

Measuring in at over 1600 hectares, Kennisis Lake is one of the largest lakes in Haliburton. 

Fact 2: 

Dog Lake, Duck Lake, Snap Lake, and Blue Lake, four of Haliburton Forest’s major lakes, are all stocked every year with trout. 

Fact 3:

The Municipality of Dysart et al is home to 26 boat launches. 

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