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Last year, there were $3.4 million dollars worth of permits to build new in-ground swimming pools. Although the Canadian summers are short, most people want to enjoy the season to its fullest! In-ground swimming pools can take 6-8 weeks to build by skilled contractors who ensure their clients pools are perfect come summer time. Are you a swimming pool contractor in Ontario? If so, you know that operating a swimming pool construction company comes with many unique challenges.

For example, should someone accuse you of bodily injury or property damage related to the operations of your business, having liability insurance can be an invaluable protection. Liability lawsuits can have detrimental effects on your business such as legal fees, losses and financial damages. These effects can quickly add up. With liability insurance, you are protected from covering these losses.

Swimming pool insurance coverage is a necessity because of the likelihood of these risks.  Furthermore, having a business that is registered and insured grants your clients the peace of mind knowing you are an established and trusted company. At Oracle RMS, we offer unique swimming pool contractor insurance that is tailored to your exact business situation. 

We offer the following coverages for swimming pool construction companies:

General Liability: This type of coverage helps cover risks associated with damaging a client’s property or physical accidents. This includes damages, settlements when sued, and lawsuit costs.
Pollution Insurance: This type of coverage is important for those who also provide swimming pool maintenance. A pollution insurance policy will cover damages caused by the chemicals you use in your pool maintenance.
Commercial Auto Coverage: This type of coverage ensures any vehicle used for business purposes is protected from risk while out on the job. This will cover auto accidents. It also covers any equipment or tools that are attached. We’ll help ensure that you’re protected with the proper disclosure of usage.
Equipment Breakdown: This will cover the breakdown or malfunction of business equipment.
Business Interruption: Should your company experience downtime as a result of the breakdown of equipment, the related insured financial losses will be covered. It also covers you if a claim prevents you from earning money.
Building & Property: This will cover damages to your company’s building and/or storage locations, the equipment and inventory stored there.

Installation Floater Insurance

At any time on the job site, during transit or while being installed, the materials being used are at risk. Should an accident occur, the contractor will be responsible for these charges. Although they do not own the materials, they are responsible for them. Swimming pool contractor insurance takes into account the many forms of risks, and installation floater insurance is a form of coverage.

Oracle RMS is an award-winning insurance brokerage in Ontario, recognized by our expertise in the Pool & Hot Tub industry. We offer preferred rates and specific programs tailored to your Pool Insurance needs. With over 15 years of experience serving the industry, we’ve developed an understanding of the business that remains unmatched. Michael Di Nardo, our Founder & specialist in Pool Insurance, is respected for his commitment to providing the absolute best insurance products and services the market has to offer.

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