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If you operate a company in the manufacturing sector, you know your insurance needs are very unique. There are multiple insurance coverages to consider. These include: Building & Property, Equipment Breakdown, Commercial General Liability and Business Interruption. A disruption in your business can cause a negative impact throughout many aspects of the operation.  At Oracle RMS, we thoroughly understand the risks that accompany the manufacturing industry. We’re here to assist you in implementing the correct and necessary insurance policies to reduce your exposure and ensure you’re protected in the event of any circumstance.

The varied coverages we provide for your particular business…

Building & Property: Covers damages to the building, equipment and inventory
Equipment Breakdown: Covers the breakdown of equipment
Commercial General Liability: Packages that are tailored to the manufacturing industry cover property damage and bodily injury claims caused by your manufactured product
Business Interruption: Should your company experience downtime as a result of the breakdown of equipment, the related insured financial losses will be covered. It also covers you if a claim prevents you from earning money

Errors & Omissions Insurance Ontario: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Commercial General Liability insurance will protect you in the case a third party suffers property damage or bodily injury caused by your manufactured product. Errors and Omissions Insurance is a specific professional liability insurance that will protect manufacturing companies if you are accused of negligence or causing financial loss. If a third party suffers financial loss (not resulting in damage to property or bodily injury) due to negligence, faulty products or a mistake (to name a few); Manufacturers E&O insurance will cover potential settlement costs if they are successful in a lawsuit. E&O insurance is designed to compensate for what general product liability insurance won’t cover.

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