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Are you a snow removal contractor in Ontario? If so, you know that operating a snow removal company is an extraordinarily high risk business. Snow removal contractor insurance is an absolute necessity because of the high likelihood of a slip and fall. At Oracle RMS, we offer snow removal insurance in Ontario at affordable costs that are tailored to your unique situation.

Proper liability coverage is crucial to protect you from the high occurrence of slip and falls occurring on property you have serviced. A slip and fall can allegedly occur whether you performed a decent job or not, and will almost always result in a lawsuit. Liability coverage protects you from this. At Oracle RMS, we’ll educate you on how to properly disclose your operations and protect you in the event of a lawsuit. Alleviate your worry by letting us help you create a package to secure your business.

Snow plows and tools are always at risk of potential damage, theft or unexpected danger. We’ll help you properly insure your equipment to ensure you’re always covered if they’re ever compromised-even during off season.

At Oracle RMS, we offer exclusive coverages for snow removal companies including:

Liability Coverage: This type of coverage helps cover risks associated with damaging a client’s property or physical accidents, such as slip and falls that occur on plowed property.
Property Coverage: This type of coverage aids in the repairs or potential replacement needed if the snow plow is damaged.
Commercial Auto Coverage: This type of coverage ensures any vehicle used for business purposes is protected from risk while out on the job in unfavorable weather conditions. It also covers any equipment or tools that are attached. We’ll help ensure the proper disclosure of usage to ensure you’re protected.

If you own a business in Richmond Hill, Toronto or Vaughan, you can learn more about Snow Removal Insurance in Richmond HillSnow Removal Insurance in Toronto and Snow Removal Insurance in Vaughan.

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