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Home to 2,731,571, Toronto has the triple distinction of being Ontario’s capital, Canada’s largest city by population, and one of the largest cities in North America. Alongside its status as an important international centre, Toronto is also situated on the Golden Horseshoe with a waterfront that’s located right on Lake Ontario. Between the lake and the famed Toronto Harbour, boating enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in this city.

In a place that’s as full of people as Toronto is, even simple boating trips can be full of surprises. You or a passenger could get hurt while onboard or your gas tank could spring a leak. With the help of your Oracle RMS broker, getting the coverage you need has never been easier.

Are You Looking for Boat Insurance in Toronto? We’ve Got You Covered!

Protect your boat and the investment you’ve made in it by taking out top-notch insurance. Your Oracle RMS broker will be able to look at the details of your boat and your insurance needs before recommending an insurance package that makes sense for you. Request your FREE boat insurance quote today!

As you look into getting boat insurance in Toronto, there are at least a couple of coverages that you may want to consider:

Uninsured Watercraft Insurance:

If you’re ever involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured watercraft, you could be stuck paying for repairs even if you’re not responsible for the collision. This insurance option allows you to get coverage in the event that you’re hit by a boat that doesn’t have adequate insurance.

Emergency Towing and Loss of Use Insurance:

When your boat has run into engine trouble or gets capsized, it may not always be possible to boat your way to safety. This type of insurance can help with the cost of repairs, towing, and potentially the cost of renting while your boat is being fixed.

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Boating Facts in Toronto

Fact 1:

The Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club was founded in 1880.

Fact 2: 

The Harbourfront Centre has a full page dedicated to the permit and license requirements for would-be Toronto Harbour boaters.

Fact 3:

The Toronto International Boat Show has been active since 1959.

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