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Managing risks is essential for any contractor or tradesperson. There are various activities that could go wrong or result in unsatisfied customers, injuries, and other liabilities. It is essential for trade and contractor workers in Adjala-Tosorontio to secure a robust trade & contractor insurance policy to get protection and mitigate the potential damages and loss.

As industry leaders in the Greater Toronto Area, we have a large network of insurance partners to ensure you find the policy that best suits your trade and contractor business. You get a customized insurance policy with the protection you need. Whether you’re a contractor, tradesperson, or professional in Adjala-Tosorontio, we have you covered.

Trade and Contractors Insurance Adjala-Tosorontio

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What is trade & contractor insurance?

Trade & contractor insurance is a business insurance policy that protects contractors and tradespeople against potential risk-related loss and damage. For example, it can provide financial compensation when someone sues your business, so you do not have to pay out of pocket. Comprehensive insurance coverage can withstand multiple projects and give you peace of mind when managing employees, dealing with general liability risks, and executing business activities.

You should consider many factors to determine what type of risks may cause your business to fall. For example, electricians face uniquely different business and operational risks compared to a carpenter or a plumber.

Other factors you should consider include:

  • Your work environment
  • Service-related risks
  • Distinct services you offer

Oracle RMS FAQ:

What does trade & contractor insurance cover?

Trade & contractor insurance provides protection against many business and service-related risks and losses you may encounter. There are many policies and add-ons that create a comprehensive insurance policy tailored to your specific needs, concerns, and risk appetite.

Common types of coverage in a trade & contractor insurance policy include:

Commercial general liability insurance coverage is the most common type of protection most businesses get. It provides contractors and tradespeople against common claims on the job site, such as third-party injuries and property damage. If you run into a lawsuit, general liability insurance may cover medical expenses and legal fees regardless of the outcome

Many contractors and tradespeople deal with toxins, chemicals, and other pollutants that could harm the environment or other people.

Pollution liability insurance covers clean-up costs, damages, and injuries caused by pollution or toxic substances related to your business activities.

Tools and equipment insurance protects some of your most important business assets. You rely on your tools and equipment to earn money. It is essential to have coverage for replacing or repairing lost or damaged equipment, tools, and accessories you use.

Professional liability insurance is great if you offer consulting or professional advice as part of your contract or trade business. It protects you when someone claims you gave false information or failed to meet the obligations of your contract.

Another standard insurance policy for tradespeople and contractors is commercial auto insurance. If you own, lease, or borrow any vehicle to conduct services related to your business, auto insurance protects you in case of an accident on the road.

How much does trade and contractor insurance cost?

Many factors influence the premium you pay for trade and contractor insurance in Adjala-Tosorontio:

  • Size of your contractor or trade business
  • Annual revenue
  • Equipment value
  • Trade type
  • Years of experience
  • Number of employees
  • Previous insurance claims

What is the maximum insurance coverage for trade and contractor business?

The maximum amount of insurance coverage you can buy depends on the provider. Insurance policies have a maximum coverage limit that the insurance company will provide during a specified period. For example, you may have a $1 million dollar limit on your business policy, and you pay out-of-pocket. If you want more coverage, there are add-ons and extra coverage policies you can purchase to increase your maximum limit.

There are also minimum limits for insurance coverage. The minimum limit is the lowest amount of coverage you are legally required to carry for your trade and contractor business. You should find the minimum and maximum limits for your trade and contractor insurance policy.

When should you buy trade and contractor insurance?

You should buy trade and contractor insurance before starting work with customers or conducting business activities. Buying a robust policy that meets your coverage needs ensures you have protection against financial loss and damage caused by any risks you encounter.

If you are looking for comprehensive trade and contractor insurance tailored to your needs, we can help. We have been in the industry for many years and have an extensive network of providers in the Greater Toronto Area that can get you the protection you need.

Should independent contractors get trade and contractor insurance?

Whether you are an independent contractor or employed by a company, trade and contractor insurance is a vital consideration. Insurance protects you and your company from potential lawsuits that could cause losses or damages. Insurance typically covers legal expenses in case of third-party injuries, property damages, and reputational injuries.

General liability insurance is one of the most common insurance coverages you should consider as an independent contractor. It protects you against claims of third-party injuries and property damages. There are also other types of policies and add-ons to ensure you get the exact protection you need so you do not have to pay for financial losses out of pocket.

Does contractor insurance cover negligence?

General contractor’s insurance can cover claims for property damage or injury caused by faulty work, errors, and anything else that may fall under negligence in a court of law. Insurance companies define negligence as the failure to take reasonable action to prevent damage or harm to another person or property and advertising injuries. For example, negligence scenarios include a lack of fall protection, scaffolding issues, electrical accidents, crane accidents, 

Whether the perceived negligence claim was a result of an accident or not, there is always the risk of a lawsuit for your business. Contractor insurance can provide financial protection against legal fees, medical fees, and indemnity and defense fees that arise from the covered claims.


How long does contractor insurance coverage last?

Insurance policies have a start and end date before you have to renew the terms of your contract. Most insurance policies last one year, and you will be reminded before the policy ends to renew it. You can choose to keep your current policy with the same terms or make amendments by increasing or decreasing your coverage limit or adding or removing parts of the policy.

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