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Huntsville’s resident population of 19,816 is enough to make it Muskoka Region’s largest town. Because it’s situated within the Canadian Shield, the community has a lot of stunning natural scenery as well as lakes in and around its borders. Between the Mary Lake, Fairy Lake, and Muskoka River, boaters have plenty of options within Huntsville.

Whether you’re boating down the river or you’re exploring Mary Lake, you never know what can happen when you take your boat out on the open water. And if you’re ever in need of rescue or faced with an emergency medical situation while on your boat, it’s important to be prepared. With the help of your Oracle RMS insurance professional, getting the coverage you need for your boat has never been so easy.

Are You Looking for Boat Insurance in Huntsville? We’ve Got You Covered!

From obtaining your accessories to buying the vessel itself, your boat is a major investment in its own right. Having the right insurance can help you protect your property if you’re ever trapped in a worst-case scenario. Request your FREE boat insurance quote today!

As you consider pursuing boat insurance in Huntsville, there are a few coverage options that you may wish to pursue:

Uninsured Watercraft Insurance:

When you’re out on the lake or the river, you never know what other boat owners may be sharing the water with you. If your boat happens to be on the higher end or if the other boat is uninsured, however, you could end up paying for costs in the event of a collision even if you’re not at fault. This coverage type can help with repairs and costs if you’re in an accident with an uninsured vessel.

Emergency Towing and Loss of Use Insurance:

Sometimes, even when you’ve planned for the best, mechanical failures can still happen. If you ever run into engine trouble and you’re not able to boat your way to safety. This insurance option can help with the cost of repairs, towing, and mechanical fees.

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Boating Facts in Huntsville


Fact 1:

Huntsville is home to seven boat launches.

Fact 2: 

Lake trout is one of the fish species located in Mary Lake.

Fact 3:

Huntsville’s former sailing club made headlines in 2015 when it provided funding to multiple sailing clubs.

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