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Home to several hundred full-time residents and a popular destination for thousands of seasonal visitors, Port Carling is a part of the Township of Muskoka Lakes and has been the township’s municipal seat since 1971. Although many people have come to appreciate the community for its unique architectural design, many people also like to visit the Muskoka Lakes Library, the Muskoka Lakes Museum, and the Port Carling Memorial Community Hall. Because of the many boats and ships that regularly go through the Indian River, Lake Muskoka, and Lake Rosseau, Port Carling is sometimes called the Hub of the Lakes.

If you have a medical emergency while on your boat or if your boat is involved in a collision, insurance can help you manage your costs. To that end, your Oracle RMS broker will assess your risk profile and your watercraft before recommending a boat insurance package that makes sense for you.

Are You Looking for Boat Insurance in Port Carling? We’ve Got You Covered!

A top-notch boat insurance policy can allow you to spend less time worrying about how to protect your property and more time enjoying the water. Request your FREE boat insurance quote today!

As you think about taking out boat insurance in Port Carling, there are a couple of coverage options that you may wish to discuss with your broker:

Emergency Towing and Loss of Use Insurance:

There are few things more frightening to imagine than being capsized or dealing with engine trouble in the middle of nowhere. This type of coverage can help with the cost of towing and repairs as well as mechanic’s fees and potentially the price of renting while your boat is in the shop.

Uninsured Watercraft Insurance:

If you’re in an accident with a boat that’s underinsured or inadequately insured, you could be paying for your own repairs even if you’re not the person who’s at fault. This insurance type makes it possible for you to receive financial assistance if you’re involved in a collision with an uninsured vessel.

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Boating Facts in Port Carling


Fact 1:

Every other year, Port Carling hosts the Muskoka Lakes Association Antique Boat Show.

Fact 2: 

Port Carling Boats, as might be surmised from the name, is based in Port Carling.

Fact 3:

The Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club has a Learn to Sail program.

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