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Home to 24,735, Prince Edward County is located on the shores of Lake Ontario and is made of several small communities in the former townships of South Marysburgh, Amerliasburgh, Hillier, Athol, North Marysburgh, Athol, Hallowell, and Sophiasburgh, the town of Picton, and the villages of Wellington and Bloomfield. Known for its stunning beaches and cliffs, the presence of landmarks like the Regent Theatre and the Macaulay Heritage Park give Prince Edward County visitors and residents plenty of opportunities to explore local history. And with the Bay of Quinte situated right by Picton, boating enthusiasts have no shortage of beach and water to explore in the warmer months.

If you’ve got a boat that you’re planning to take out on the water, insurance can be useful to have. You never know when you might need towing services or repairs. And with the help of your Oracle RMS broker, finding excellent boat insurance in Prince Edward County has never been easier.

Are You Looking For Boat Insurance in Prince Edward County? We’ve Got You Covered!

When it comes to boat insurance, Prince Edward County boat owners deserve nothing less than the best. Your Oracle RMS professional will help you find excellent coverage at the best prices possible. Request yourFREE boat insurance quote today!

As you consider the possibility of taking out boat insurance in Prince Edward County, there are at least two coverage options you may wish to explore:

Broad Navigational Territory Insurance:

Do you see yourself spending some time on the U.S. coast this summer? If you’re in an accident or in need of rescue while outside of Canadian waters, broad navigational territory insurance can give you the coverage you need.

Uninsured Watercraft Insurance:

Whenever you’re out on the water, there’s no guarantee that the other boats will have adequate insurance. In some cases, these other vessels may even be outright uninsured. This policy can help you receive compensation if you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured boat and the other operator is at fault.

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Boating Facts in Prince Edward County.


Fact 1:

Prince Edward County has 10 municipal boat launches. /span>

Fact 2: 

Bass, perch, salmon, and pike are some of the species that people can fish for in Prince Edward County.

Fact 3:

Canoes and kayaks can be launched from the municipal boat launches.

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