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Hamilton Charity and NonProfits Insurance With Oracle RMS

In Canada, charities and non-profit organizations are considered legal entities under the law, just like any other business. This means that they must have an insurance policy to operate. 

There is no denying that charities and non-profits in Hamilton are working hard throughout the community to help make positive changes. This is why it’s essential to have a comprehensive insurance plan to protect your organization’s assets and interests against allegations, injuries, and other insured damages.

With years of experience working in the insurance industry, Oracle RMS understands the value of putting our customers first. We are confident in our ability to provide you with high-quality, comprehensive insurance policies that work for your needs. 

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Charity and Non Profits Insurance in Hamilton 

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Charity and Non Profits Insurance in Hamilton

Whether it’s your first time taking out an insurance plan for your charity or non-profit organization or looking to switch to an insurance portfolio that is more comprehensive than your current one, Oracle RMS is here to help. Our team of leading insurance specialists is here to guide you through the insurance process from start to finish so you can feel comfortable and confident in your policy.

As a business, we understand that each charity and non-profit is different, which is why we are pleased to offer a selection of coverage policies to match your needs.

Directors and Officers Liability Coverage:

Whether a breach of ethics, suspected misrepresentations, or conflicts of interest, any allegation of misconduct can lead to lawsuits. This can cause your organization to face thousands of dollars in legal costs and other fines. However, with our comprehensive director and officers liability insurance, you can rest assured knowing you’re covered against legal costs from any lawsuits.

Commercial General Liability Coverage:

The Oracle RMS commercial general liability insurance protects your charity or non-profit against fees that can transpire due to third-party injuries that occur at your place of business. While you may not be directly responsible for injuries that happen on your commercial property, you could be held responsible in a neglect lawsuit. However, this comprehensive policy covers possible legal fees and related medical fees.

Professional Liability Coverage:

The Professional Liability Coverage is also referred to as the ‘errors and omissions liability insurance.’ It covers your charity or non-profit organization against accusations of negligence, oversights, mistakes, and the failure to provide promised services. Therefore, Oracle RMS will cover the cost of any associated legal fees in the event that a lawsuit is filed against you.

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