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The town of Oakville is renowned for its gorgeous architecturally preserved storefronts within its shopping and dining districts. Situated in the Halton Region, south of Toronto, there are thousands of local businesses and hundreds of thousands of residents who love to call this town home. For the safety of themselves and the customers, it is essential that these businesses protect their commercial property with reliable commercial property insurance coverage that shields it from various common risks.

Company owners who opt to purchase a commercial condo unit for the business should be ready to take on more risk. Condominiums are more prone to suffer significant damage because of their close proximity to neighbouring other units. As a result, they are far more at risk of damage from unanticipated events, like a fire that quickly spreads throughout the building. Because of the increased risks, including loss, theft, and damage, owners of commercial condo units must take all reasonable precautions to protect their property.

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Commercial Condo Insurance Oakville

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Protecting your company’s assets is what Oracle RMS excels at. For many years now, we have offered insurance to company owners in Oakville. We present our customers with a range of insurance quotes from which to decide that we have personally researched and collected from several of the top insurance companies in Oakville. At Oracle RSM, our licensed insurance professionals take pride in providing business owners like you with excellent customer service and a customized insurance policy constructed of premier insurance solutions.

To protect your commercial condo, the team at Oracle RMS is prepared to design for you a superior commercial condo insurance policy. We are ready to create an insurance plan specifically customized for your commercial condo unit and its contents to help you secure the assets of your company. But before we can assist you in obtaining the finest commercial property insurance coverage, our knowledgeable insurance specialists will work with you directly to ensure we fully comprehend your insurance needs and goals.

Oracle RMS FAQ:


How does commercial condo coverage work?

The physical condo unit is insured by commercial condo insurance. If your commercial unit, contents, or business equipment sustains an insurable loss, it saves you from paying out-of-pocket expenses for replacements or repairs.

If your condo unit needs repairs, you may be able to cover the cost of either restoring your belongings to their original condition or in the purchase of equivalent-quality replacements. Also, to help you recover from unforeseen costs, your commercial condo insurance may include coverage for occurrences such as winter storm damage, fire, hail, or wind, as well as some types of water damage.

Moreover, business interruption insurance, which is typically combined with commercial property insurance, may help to safeguard your company’s financial assets if you ever have to halt operations because of an insured risk temporarily. For example, if a fire or flood compels you to temporarily shut down your business until your commercial property is repaired.

How are commercial condo insurance rates determined in Oakville?

The cost of commercial condo insurance coverage differs for each owner of a commercial property. This is because insurance companies estimate insurance premiums based on a number of variables, including the location of your condo, the size of your unit, and the type of business you plan on operating there. The following factors will be taken into account by your insurer when determining the price of your commercial condo insurance:

  • Your anticipated yearly income.
  • Deductibles, limits, and coverages under your policy.
  • Your history of insurance claims.
  • The size, location, and condition of your business unit, as well as its age.
  • The nature of your business.
  • How many people live or work in your condo unit.

Can you own a condo without the building being insured?

No, your building must be insured in accordance with the Ontario Condominium Act, which requires insurance for all condominiums. A condo association must procure and maintain building insurance for the purpose of operating their condominium, either independently or on behalf of the owners of the Building.

Is commercial building insurance the same as commercial condo insurance?

Not exactly. Although they are both types of commercial property insurance, the condo association purchases commercial building insurance. The condominium itself is covered by its policy, whereas the condo unit owner or tenant obtains commercial condo insurance. What each one covers is outlined below.

Commercial building insurance

The elevators, lobby, recreation rooms, community activity rooms, and exercise facilities are covered by the condo corporation’s commercial building insurance policy, along with any other shared common areas. Individual condo units are not covered by it.

Commercial condo insurance

This covers the contents of the commercial condo unit that you use for your daily operation, including computers, inventory, furnishings, tools, machinery, and other devices. This also typically includes any exterior marketing materials, such as a business sign.

Is insurance mandatory for commercial property in Oakville?

No, neither in Oakville nor elsewhere in Ontario is commercial property insurance mandatory. So, unless your condo association requires that each tenant purchase their own policy, it is not required for business owners to have it.

Do I need commercial insurance if I rent a condo only on the holidays in Oakville?

Sometimes small businesses that work out of their homes will opt to rent a storefront temporarily during the holiday season to allow more customers to shop. If you have business insurance, it should also include commercial property insurance. Contact your insurance company to let them know that you are planning to relocate your business temporarily. 

What does commercial property insurance protect commercial properties from?

The experts at Oracle RMS are mindful of each company’s unique qualities. Because of this, we offer individualized service to each customer as we work together to develop an insurance policy tailored to their commercial property’s specific requirements. This guarantees that y our commercial property insurance will guard the property of your company against damage brought on by:

  • Falling objects
  • Fire
  • Break-ins or vandalism
  • Equipment failures
  • Unintentional damage
  • Natural disasters (e.g., wind, hail, ice, tornado damage)

Several important elements of your company will be safeguarded by your insurance coverage. Commercial property insurance generally provides coverage for the following items:

  • Your resources and supplies
  • Any documents or files
  • Any tools and equipment utilized by the company
  • Furnishings
  • The physical commercial condo unit
  • Electronics
  • Outdoor building signs

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