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Ottawa, the nation’s capital, is home to thousands of people and an abundance of neighbourhood businesses. People travel from all over to explore its historical monuments and landmarks and take in its many cultural and artistic offerings. As such, it’s a fantastic city to start your own business in, but first, you must safeguard your commercial space with dependable commercial property insurance coverage that protects it from a variety of common threats.

Business owners who decide to buy a commercial condo unit should be prepared to assume extra risk. Due to their close proximity to other nearby units, condos are more likely to sustain serious damage. They are consequently much more vulnerable to harm from unexpected events, such as a fire that quickly spreads between units. Therefore, commercial condo unit owners must make all reasonable efforts to secure their property from increased dangers, including loss, theft, and damage.

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Commercial Condo Insurance Ottawa

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Here at Oracle RMS, we excel at safeguarding the assets of your business. We have been providing insurance to business owners in Ottawa for decades. We supply our clients with a selection of insurance quotes to choose from, which we have personally gathered from a number of leading insurance providers in Ottawa. Our certified insurance specialists at Oracle RSM take pride in offering business owners like you outstanding customer service and a personalized insurance plan built with top-tier insurance options.

The Oracle RMS team is ready to create for you a high-quality commercial condo insurance policy to safeguard your commercial unit. To assist you with protecting the assets of your business, we are prepared to design an insurance plan that is specially tailored for your condo unit and its contents. Our skilled insurance experts will work with you directly to ensure we thoroughly understand your insurance needs and goals before we help you secure the best commercial property insurance coverage.

Oracle RMS FAQ:

How does commercial condo insurance work?

Commercial condo insurance covers the actual condo unit. With the help of your insurance, you will not be responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs for replacements or repairs if an insured loss occurs to your commercial unit, contents, or business equipment.

Your insurance might be able to pay for the expenses of either restoring your possessions to their original state or the procurement of replacements of equal quality if your condo unit needs repairs. Your commercial condo insurance may also include coverage for events like winter storm damage, wind, fire, or hail, in addition to certain types of water damage, to assist in recovering from unforeseen costs.

Furthermore, business interruption insurance, which is frequently included in commercial property insurance, can help to protect your company’s financial interests if you ever need to cease operations temporarily due to an insured risk.

Is all-risk added to commercial property insurance in Ottawa?

There are two types of commercial property insurance: named perils and all-risk.

Named perils are insurable risks or hazards that have been expressly specified in your commercial property insurance policy. Any other incident else that isn’t mentioned in your policy is seen as excluded from your insurance. The most common hazards in a named perils policy are fire and theft.

All-risks is the opposite of named perils. Unless otherwise stated, everything is presumed covered by your insurance policy (rather than needing to list which risks are and are not explicitly covered). Ultimately, as this kind of commercial property insurance is more extensive, it comes with higher premiums than the other policy.

Is commercial liability insurance the same as property insurance?

Nope! Commercial property insurance would cover the actual condo unit and its contents, whereas commercial liability insurance would cover liability claims.

Let’s go through this in more detail below.

Commercial general liability insurance

Commonly referred to as “slip-and-fall insurance,” this provides coverage for liability risks related to owning a business condo unit. For instance, if a client or courier slips and falls within your condo unit and suffers harm, they can file a lawsuit against you. Your insurance company can help in this situation by paying for medical bills as well as legal fees or settlement costs. In summary, commercial general liability insurance assists in paying for expenses related to third-party injuries, property damage, libel or slander, and other liability claims.

Commercial property insurance

With commercial property insurance, you may protect the building’s physical structure (such as a commercial condo unit) and its contents from unplanned occurrences like fire, water damage, theft, vandalism, and more. Your insurance will assist you with financing any repairs or replacements that involve the physical unit and its contents, such as your business equipment, inventory, furniture, or electronics, in the event of loss or damage brought on by an insured risk.

Is it mandatory to inform your insurance company about condominium building work?

Yes. If someone is injured while the building (or your condo unit) is being renovated, the insurance limits that are now in place may not be adequate. You also might not have enough insurance if you make changes that raise the property’s rebuilding costs. Furthermore, if you file a claim during a building remodel and fail to notify your insurer, your claim may be denied. Hence, before beginning a remodelling, you should always get in touch with your insurer. If you need additional coverage for a particular renovation project, your insurance company can also clarify that for you.

How much is commercial liability insurance in Ottawa?

The amount of commercial liability coverage you require impacts the price the most. However, there are many other factors that will influence how much your commercial liability insurance will cost. Since no two businesses are the same, no two companies will require the same level of protection.

That being said, the average insurance premium for an Ottawa business owner ranges from around $400 to $2,000 annually, depending on a variety of factors. 

What is the most common risk factor when determining the cost of commercial condo insurance?

There are two standard risk factors that have the most influence on the price of commercial condo insurance. They include the cost of your company’s assets and the likelihood of local weather-related disasters.

The worth of the assets owned by your business, including the actual condo unit, is a crucial factor. In the event that your commercial condo unit and everything within is damaged, this decides how much an insurance company would have to pay.

Due to the increase in natural disasters, extreme weather conditions now account for a significant portion of the cost of condo insurance. As such, commercial insurance premiums are often higher for properties in or close to places where there is a greater risk of weather-related disasters.

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