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Owning a vacation home in Barrie that you don’t use all the time comes with extra risks. Just like you protect your home with home insurance, you need to protect your vacation home with cottage insurance. Enter cottage insurance from Oracle RMS. No matter if you own a cottage, bungalow, lakehouse, or cabin, we have the right insurance policy for you. Contact Oracle RMS to get your free quote for cottage insurance and let us help you save money today!

Barrie cottage insurance coverage

Cottage or seasonal home insurance is special insurance for vacation homes or seasonal homes like cottages. It’s different from regular home insurance because it deals with the specific risks of a home that isn’t used all the time. This usually means coverage for things like fires, weather damage, theft, vandalism, and accidents.

Cottages are often in remote areas and not checked on frequently, so problems like frozen pipes or damage that goes unnoticed for extended periods can happen. Cottage insurance also covers you if someone gets hurt on your property or if you accidentally damage their property. Plus, it can protect your belongings in cases of theft or vandalism.

Cottage insurance in Barrie with Oracle RMS

Every cottage is different, so there are various types of insurance coverage available to match those unique needs. Here’s what Oracle RMS offers to cottage owners in Barrie:

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Property Damage Coverage

This insurance helps protect your cottage from damage caused by fires, storms, vandalism, and sometimes floods or other natural disasters. It ensures that your property can be repaired or rebuilt if something goes wrong.

Contents Coverage

Many cottages are used only part of the year, and owners often leave personal belongings like furniture, electronics, or personal items inside. This coverage protects these belongings from damage or theft when you’re not there.

Personal Liability Coverage

This is important if someone gets injured or if you accidentally damage someone else’s property while at your cottage. For example, if a guest slips and gets hurt, this coverage can help cover their medical bills or your legal costs.

Detached Private Structures Coverage

If you have other buildings on your property like garages, sheds, or boathouses, this coverage protects them too. It’s essential to ensure that all parts of your property are covered, not just the main cottage.

Watercraft Coverage

If you own a boat, jet ski, canoe, or rowboat, this insurance protects these items. It covers theft, damage, or liability that might occur while using them. The details can be complex, so it’s best to talk with a licensed professional at Oracle RMS to get the right coverage for your needs.

Additional coverage options for cottage insurance in Barrie

Basic cottage insurance coverage protects from many risks, but there are a few coverages that cottage owners often like to add to their policy for more comprehensive coverage. These include:

Sewer backup coverage

Since cottages might have simpler or different types of sewage systems, this coverage can be essential. It offers financial protection if your sewer, septic system, or sump pump backs up and causes damage, which may go unnoticed for a prolonged period.

Overland water coverage

This add-on coverage can be really important for cottages that are close to lakes, rivers, or in areas that are lower than the surroundings. It helps protect your cottage from water damage caused by things like heavy rain, melting snow in the spring, or water overflowing from lakes and rivers.

What type of property can get cottage insurance?

Properties that can get cottage insurance are often found in rural or scenic places like near lakes, forests, mountains, or beaches, and are mainly used for vacations or as seasonal getaways, and not for living in all year round. Some examples include:

  • Cottages
  • Lakehouses
  • Cabins
  • Chalets
  • Lodges
  • Bungalows
  • Vacation rental properties
  • Sometimes condos

What factors affect the cost of cottage insurance in Barrie?

There are several factors that help insurance companies figure out how much risk they’re taking on by insuring your cottage, which then influences how much you pay in insurance premiums. Here are some of the factors your insurance company may consider:

  • Purpose and Use: Cottages are often used seasonally or occasionally, which means they may be left vacant for extended periods. Some people also rent out their cottages, which brings on a whole new set of risks.
  • Location: Cottages in remote or hard-to-reach areas might have higher insurance rates due to the increased chance of theft or damage going unnoticed. Also, if your cottage is located on the water, it has a higher chance of water-related damage.
  • Accessibility: Again, cottages are often in remote or hard-to-reach areas. If emergency services can’t easily reach your cottage, there’s a higher chance of serious damage or theft.
  • Property Value and Size: Higher-value cottages or larger properties typically cost more to insure.
  • Property Age and Condition: Generally, older cottages are more expensive to insure because can have much higher replacement costs than newer homes.
  • Additional Structures and Features: Extra features like docks, boathouses, special amenities, or detached structures can increase the insurance cost.

Is cottage insurance mandatory in Barrie?

Unlike car insurance, cottage insurance isn’t legally required in Barrie, Ontario, or anywhere else in Canada. But if you have a mortgage on your cottage, your lender will usually ask you to have insurance to cover any possible damages. Even if it’s not mandatory, it’s a good idea to have cottage insurance to protect your investment from unexpected events and potential liabilities.

Partner with Oracle RMS for your cottage insurance needs

At Oracle RMS, you can get quotes from several leading insurance companies in Barrie, so you can pick the best price. We’ll create a custom insurance policy just for your cottage, with only the coverages you need. Our team will also help you through any claims process to keep it stress-free.

Whether you own a cottage, bungalow, lakehouse, or cabin, we have the right insurance plan for you. Reach out to one of our Barrie insurance brokers today or use our online quote tool to get your free cottage insurance quote today!


How does the cost of cottage insurance in Canada compare to other types of property insurance?

Cottage insurance in Canada is often more expensive than regular home insurance coverage. This is because cottages have unique risks, like being located in remote areas and not being checked on regularly, which can lead to higher costs for insurers.

How does the age of my cottage affect insurance rates in Barrie, Canada?

Older cottages usually cost more to insure. This is because they may have outdated electrical or plumbing systems that are more likely to cause problems, like fires or water damage. Newer cottages might have modern systems and better construction, leading to lower insurance rates.

Is it possible to get insurance coverage for theft or vandalism at my cottage in Barrie?

Yes, as long as you add theft and vandalism as named perils in your cottage insurance policy.

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