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Cottages and seasonal homes are special places where families build lasting memories. Whether it’s your retreat for long weekends or a summer escape, it’s important to protect it. At Oracle RMS, we understand that each seasonal-use property is unique. That’s why we offer tailored insurance options for any seasonal home you own in London.

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Why do you need cottage insurance?

Cottage insurance is essential for protecting your vacation property against various risks. First, it offers solid protection for your cottage, covering things like fires, storms, and vandalism. If something unexpected happens, this insurance helps pay for repairs or rebuilding, saving you from a major financial hit.

This type of insurance also covers your belongings, like furniture, electronics, and personal items. Since cottages are often left empty for long periods, this coverage keeps your stuff safe from damage or theft when you’re not around.

Personal liability coverage is important, too. If someone gets hurt at your cottage or you accidentally damage another person’s property, liability insurance helps cover medical bills and legal fees, so you’re not stuck with big expenses.

Plus, if your property includes extra structures like sheds, garages, or boathouses, your cottage insurance can protect them, too.

Basically, cottage insurance lets you enjoy your time away without stressing about potential risks. You can focus on relaxing and making great memories with family and friends.

Oracle RMS cottage insurance coverage in London

At Oracle RMS, we recognize that each cottage is unique, so we provide a variety of insurance options tailored to the specific needs of cottage owners in London.

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Property Damage Coverage

This policy is designed to protect your cottage from various risks, such as fires, storms, vandalism, and even floods or other natural disasters, depending on the plan you choose. In the unfortunate event of damage, this policy helps cover the costs of repairing or rebuilding your cottage. This protection ensures your vacation home remains a safe and comfortable retreat for you and your loved ones.

Contents Coverage

Since cottages are often used seasonally, owners usually leave furniture, electronics, and other personal property items behind when they’re not using the building. Contents coverage protects these belongings from theft or damage while you’re away, so you can have peace of mind knowing your possessions are safeguarded even when you’re not there.

Personal Liability Coverage

This insurance is vital in situations where someone is injured at your cottage or if you accidentally damage another person’s property. For instance, if a guest trips and falls while visiting, personal liability coverage can help pay for medical bills or any legal fees that arise. This ensures you won’t be financially burdened due to unexpected accidents.

Detached Private Structures Coverage

Many cottages come with additional structures like garages, sheds, or boathouses. Detached private structures coverage protects these additional buildings, ensuring every part of your property is covered, not just the main cottage.

Watercraft Coverage

If your leisure time includes boats, jet skis, canoes, or rowboats, watercraft coverage will protect them from theft, damage, and liability. This lets you fully enjoy your time on the water without worrying about potential risks.

For more details and help to customize your insurance coverage, reach out to an Oracle RMS insurance broker today. We’ll assist you in finding the right policy to protect your cottage and offer complete peace of mind, so you can continue making memories in your special retreat.

Additional coverage for cottage insurance policies in London

Cottage insurance usually covers common risks, but some owners add extra protection with these additional coverages for more comprehensive coverage:

Sewer Backup Coverage

Cottages often use simpler or unique sewage systems that can overflow. This coverage helps if your sewer, septic system, or sump pump backs up, causing water damage that might not be noticed right away. It can save you money on repairs if problems go undetected for a while.

Overland Water Coverage

Cottages near lakes, rivers, or in low-lying areas are more prone to flooding. Overland water coverage protects your cottage from heavy rain, melting snow in spring, or rising lake and river levels. This means you’ll have financial help for repairs if water overflows onto your property.

By-Law Coverage

Occasionally, changes in local rules mean you’ll need to adjust your property to comply. Renovation costs can add up fast. If your cottage is in a small community like a hamlet or village, consider adding by-law coverage to your cottage insurance policy.

Wildlife Damage Coverage

Animals like bears, raccoons, and rodents can damage your cottage when searching for food or shelter. This coverage helps pay for repairs if wildlife causes damage like breaking windows, tearing screens, or damaging the structure itself, so your investment stays protected.

Frozen food coverage

If you’re known for leaving frozen food at your cottage, you can add additional coverage to your cottage insurance to cover the replacement cost should it spoil. If you hunt or fish and have a lot of food in your freezer, it’s worth asking your cottage insurance broker about your options.

Recreational vehicle coverage

If you own a recreational vehicle like an ATV, snowmobile, or golf cart, this coverage protects them against theft, damage, and liability while you’re enjoying them at your cottage. It’s a smart way to make sure your recreational vehicles are insured while providing extra peace of mind for your outdoor adventures.

What type of property can get cottage insurance in London?

Properties that can get cottage insurance are often found in rural or scenic places like near lakes, forests, mountains, or beaches, and are mainly used for vacations or as seasonal getaways, and not for living in all year round. Some examples include:

  • Cottages
  • Lakehouses
  • Cabins
  • Chalets
  • Lodges
  • Bungalows
  • Vacation rental properties
  • Sometimes condos

Is cottage insurance the same as home insurance?

Cottage insurance is special coverage designed for vacation homes like cottages, lakehouses, cabins, and bungalows. Unlike regular homeowners insurance, it focuses on the unique risks these vacation homes face. Standard cottage insurance, often called “Named Perils” insurance, only covers specific risks mentioned in the policy.

Since cottages are often in remote areas and aren’t checked frequently, they’re more likely to have issues like frozen pipes, theft, vandalism, or unnoticed damage. For instance, if a pipe leaks or bursts without being detected, it can cause significant damage.

Additionally, many cottages are far from fire stations and are lacking nearby fire hydrants. This means that if a fire breaks out, it can take longer for firefighters to arrive, and the lack of hydrants makes it harder to put out the fire, increasing the chances of serious damage.

Do I need different insurance coverage if I rent out my London cottage?

If you rent out your cottage either instead of using it yourself or in between stays, you’ll need a special cottage rental insurance policy from your insurance company. This policy covers the specific risks, dangers, and liabilities associated with having renters.

Renting out your cottage usually means more wear and tear than with personal use. The policy can cover accidental damage caused by guests, such as broken windows, furniture damage, or structural issues. Some plans also include coverage for theft or vandalism by renters.

If your cottage is damaged and needs repairs, you might lose rental income during that time. Some policies offer income protection, compensating you for lost rental income while your property is being repaired.

Just like with regular cottage insurance, you’ll also need liability insurance. If a renter or their guest gets hurt at your cottage, you could be responsible. Liability insurance helps cover medical bills and legal fees if accidents occur on your property.

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What does cottage insurance typically cover in London, ON?

Cottage insurance in London usually covers property damage from fires, storms, and vandalism. It also includes coverage for your belongings and personal liability in case someone gets hurt at your cottage.

How does cottage location affect insurance rates?

Location impacts rates because remote cottages or those near water are more prone to damage. Remote areas are at higher risk for theft and delayed emergency services, while cottages near water might face flood risks.

Are there specific requirements for cottage insurance in different provinces of Canada?

Each province may have different rules for insurance, so requirements can vary. Some areas might need extra coverage due to higher risks like flooding or earthquakes. It’s best to speak with an insurance provider if you plan to purchase cottage insurance in a different province to find out what the different requirements may be.

Do I need separate insurance for seasonal cottages?

Yes, seasonal cottages need a separate policy from home insurance because they face unique risks. They may be left unattended for long periods and are usually located in areas where damage can go unnoticed.

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