As of 2023, there were 1,588 private schools listed by the Ontario School Information System. Elementary and secondary independent school enrolment in Canada increased by more than 21% from 2006-07 to 2019-20. Parents and guardians value the quality of education that they receive at independent and alternative schools such as Alternative schools including Montessori, special needs and faith-based schools. 

Every independent school needs to make sure they are able to maintain the trust of the parents and guardians who enroll their children in their institution. 

In order to ensure that your educational institution is ready to face any challenge that comes its way, from cyber and social media security to protecting your premises and contents, our Oracle RMS brokers can help you find a comprehensive insurance solution to  to safeguard your community and avoid legal and reputational harm.

Oracle RMS is partnered with Ecclesiastical Insurance, which has a long history of providing tailored insurance solutions to educational institutions. 

As experts in providing comprehensive insurance policies to independent and private elementary & secondary schools, colleges, and universities, Ecclesiastical can safeguard your institution and allow you to continue to provide your community with a safe learning environment. 

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A new Canadian elementary school building with flagpole and parking lot.