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There’s nothing like being in the comfort of your own home surrounded by friends and family. Our homes contain our valuables, the people we live and care for and are the setting for many lasting memories. If you own a home in the busy city of Mississauga, you definitely relate with these sentiments. In Mississauga, having insurance for your home is not mandatory by law; however, protecting your home with an insurance policy is a reasonable, responsible and smart decision to make to prepare for the unexpected.

The insurance rates  for homes in Mississauga are dependent on a variety of factors that are unique to every homeowner and their living situation. Should you own a home that is expensive to replace, this will raise your premium. If you live in a neighbourhood that has high crime statistics or is in a high risk area for natural disasters, it will impact your premium. Past home insurance claims, the condition of your home, roof and your plumbing system all contribute as well. Fire alarms, close proximity to a fire hydrant and home alarms will affect your insurance. There are many different factors that will impact your insurance rates. With the help from a licensed insurance broker, they can differentiate, improve or lower your rate. For example: installing fire alarms will lower the price of your premium.

Oracle RMS has years of experience in providing home insurance plans to homeowners in Mississauga. Equipped with the options of choosing between many different insurance carriers and providing the best price, Oracle RMS delivers their customers the very best for their biggest investment. We understand that a “one-size fits all” approach to insurance does not fit all! Customers should not pay for additional coverage they don’t need. We create custom-tailored insurance plans that accommodate the details of every home and homeowners’ situation. Our way of providing insurance ensures you receive the best plan with the right coverage at the best price and the opportunity to choose between options.

At Oracle RMS, you’ll receive the following:

  • A choice between a variety of insurance companies, providing you the ability to choose the best plan for you at the best price possible
  • An insurance plan made just for you and your Mississauga home with the coverage that work for you
  • Assistance with any insurance claim, providing you with information and guidance so you’re never alone or stressed during the process
  • Insurance plans for all types of homeowners including condos, apartments, homes, detached homes and more!

 There are a variety of coverage for home insurance in Mississauga:

Personal Liability Coverage: Should a person or their property suffer an injury at your home, this insurance will protect you if they sue you for damages. Accidents can and do happen in the home and this insurance coverage protects you from the unexpected.
Contents Coverage: The contents, valuables and personal belongings that reside in your home and even travelling away from your home can be covered by an insured peril should they be damaged. Insured perils can range from vandalism, theft, fire, floods, smoke damage, water damage and more. There are limits to how much you can claim per category, which your insurance broker will inform you of.
Dwelling Coverage: Should your home be damaged by insured perils, your insurance plan will cover the costs associated with the damages. Insured perils include theft, wind storms, natural disaster, fire, water damage, snow and hail, explosion, electricity and more. The damages covered include the replacement cost of your entire home. It could also include elements such as a swimming pool, garage and patio.
Additional Living Expenses Coverage: If damages to your home are severe enough that you are displaced and need to live elsewhere for a period of time, your plan will cover these costs. For example: the costs of staying at a hotel, eating out at a restaurant, rental and storage for your belongings.

At Oracle RMS, we can create a custom tailored insurance plan for your home in Mississauga. We’ll ensure you have all the coverage you need and not pay for any of the ones you don’t. Reach out today to receive a home insurance quote and begin the process to protect your investment!

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