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 If you reside in Mississauga and own a home, it is important to have home insurance. This is incredibly important to have for all homeowners due to the fact that you want to protect your property should there be any unexpected circumstances.

The City of Mississauga has a total population of 721,599 residents and is at a growing rate of 1.18% per year over the past 15 years from 2001 to 2016. The City of Mississauga also happens to be Canada’s sixth largest city, Ontario’s third largest city, only surpassed by Toronto and Ottawa and the second largest municipality in the Greater Toronto Area. Since the City is still in the midst of redeveloping, there has been a larger number of residents moving to the City of Mississauga.

As they are eager to live in a growing city, developers have created neighbourhoods and communities and are in the process of building homes within them. Like the majority of the cities in Canada, Mississauga’s current residents live in many different housing types like townhouses, condos, detached homes and apartments. Due to the fast growing population, it has been professionally predicted that by 2041 there will need to be 300,000 new houses built to house the new population.

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In Mississauga, when you purchase Home Insurance with Oracle RMS, you are insuring your home, dwelling, contents and additional living expenses in the event that you are temporarily unable to live in your home due to an insured loss in certain circumstances.

By partnering with Oracle RMS, we provide excellent customer service and work hard to get you some of the lowest home insurance rates in Mississauga that best suit your unique needs. We are proud to be partnered with a wide range of insurance companies who can provide a variety of home insurance quotes for all Mississauga residents.

At Oracle RMS, you will work along with one of our licensed insurance brokers to help guide you through the quoting process. They will make sure you understand all the insurance jargon and information up to the last detail of your home insurance policies before you’ve made the final decision.

Home Insurance Coverage Mississauga

Owning a home is typically the largest investment you’ll ever purchase. Home insurance will protect and provide coverage for your home, personal liability of you, your spouse/partner and your children and any loss or damages. In Ontario, it is required to include and purchase the following home insurance coverage below:

Personal Liability Coverage:

This section of a home insurance policy will provide coverage to protect the insured should a person or their property suffer an injury in your home and they decide to take legal action against you.  


Contents Coverage:

This type of coverage covers the contents, valuables and personal belongings that reside in your home. It also provides coverage when you’re travelling away from your home – this is covered by an insured peril should there be damages in your home. Insured perils can range from vandalism, theft, fire, flooding, smoke damage, water damage and more.

Dwelling Coverage:

This type of coverage in home insurance will cover the costs associated with damages by insured perils in your home. The damages covered include the replacement cost of your entire home as well as the garage and patio.

Additonal Living Expenses Coverage:

This type of coverage covers the insured if serious damages to your home are severe enough that you are displaced and need to live elsewhere for a period of time. It will cover the following costs: temporarily living in a hotel and rental and storage for your belongings.  

Whether customers are shopping for better home insurance, are informed about their upcoming home policy renewal or are looking to save money on their current policy, overall, it is important to be informed about home insurance and how a policy works.

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Home Statistics in the City of Mississauga

Overall, there are a total of 174,130 homeowners in Mississauga. The most popular dwelling size in the City of Mississauga are 3 bedrooms, which is 34.22%. The least popular dwelling size is 1 bedroom or less.

With that being said, there are a total of 240,910 occupied private dwellings in the City of Mississauga. There are 90,780 single-detached houses, 26,730 semi-detached houses, 34,115 row houses and 80 other single-attached houses in the City of Mississauga. Meanwhile, the average household size is 3.0% in Mississauga. 

Statistics show that there are 44,960 people who are living in a 1-person household, 63,670 people who are living in a 2-person household, 46,625 people who are living in a 3-person household, 49,335 people who are living in a 4-person household and 36,320 people living in a 5 or more person household in Mississauga.

Home Facts in the City of Mississauga 


48,650 homes were built between 1981 and 1990. 47,080 homes were built between 1991 and 2000 in Mississauga.

82,055 homes with 4 or more bedrooms were built in the City of Mississauga.

19.89 % of dwellings in the City of Mississauga are two bedroom homes.


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