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Our homes are our safe havens and place of comfort. They house our families, loved ones, prized possessions, pets and most of all, memories. If you live in the neighbourhood of Richmond Hill, protect your home with home insurance. Although it is considered to be optional, it’s the responsible decision to purchase home insurance for any individual who wants to protect what they value the most.

Most people are concerned with the price of home insurance, as prices vary for every home. This is because there are many factors that impact the price of home insurance in Richmond Hill.

The following factors below are examples of how your home can affect your insurance premium:

Whether the cost to replace your home is high
Neighbourhood - whether you live in a high crime area or if the area of your home is considered to be high risk to natural disasters such as floods, tornados, etc.
Past history in submitting home insurance claims
If your roof is no longer in good condition
Fire safety accessories installed or fire hydrants on your street
Plumbing system has been installed

There are different coverages available for home insurance Richmond Hill:

Personal Liability: Should you be at fault of personal injury to a person or property damage, this insurance will cover your damages. For example: If an individual suffers a slip and fall at your home.
Contents Insurance: Should your personal belongings be damaged in your home or away from your home by an insured peril, the damages will be covered. These can include fire, theft, vandalism and many more. With every category, there is a limit to the amount you can claim. These can be further explained by a licensed insurance broker.
Additional Living Expenses: Should the damages caused to your home need to be displaced temporarily, this coverage will cover the costs. These costs can include staying at a hotel, eating at restaurants, cost of home rentals, and storing your belongings in storage.
Dwelling Insurance: Should your home be damaged by an insured peril, the damages will be covered by this type of coverage. These include weather storms, fires, theft, water damage and more. Should your home be damaged severely and will need to be rebuilt, this coverage will cover the damages and cost. Your home will be covered in addition to accessories like your deck and garage.

At Oracle RMS, we know the factors that will and will not affect your home insurance rate in Richmond Hill. We have decades of experience providing home insurance plans for clients. We leverage our established network of insurance partners to bring you the best prices and options. At Oracle RMS, we know every situation is unique and different in its own way, which requires insurance to match that. We will create custom plans tailored to your unique situation, ensuring you don’t receive a “one size fits all” approach.

At Oracle RMS, we offer you the following:

  • Multiple quotes and coverages from our variety of industry partners, providing you the choice to pick the best plan and price
  • A plan that is tailored to you and your Richmond Hill home, with all the coverages you need and none that you don’t
  • The support you’ll need during the claims process, making it simple and hassle-free
  • Insurance plans for all Richmond Hill homes, apartments, condos and detached homes

If your home is your safe place and you want to protect it, rest easy knowing you have home insurance to protect you. Should unforeseen circumstances occur, your insurance will cover damages. In addition, you’ll have the professionals at Oracle RMS along with you every step of the way during the claims process. Receive a quote for home insurance in Richmond Hill by contacting Oracle RMS today!

Should you have any further questions regarding your insurance quote for Richmond Hill or surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.