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If you run a business in the city of Ottawa, then you need to know about one the quickest evolving risks that could harm your business; cyber-attacks. 

Cyber hacks will continue to put businesses and their stability in jeopardy. This is especially true for companies that use technologically-advanced processes. If you think your business in Ottawa is protected by your IT division, think again. In this day and age, hackers are more advanced and can penetrate cyber defenses which can  infect your system with viruses, malware and other digital nastiness you just don’t need. 

With no ironclad defense set in place, your business remains at risk. If you believe your business is not big enough for a cyber hack, understand that all businesses regardless of size, are at risk. With no adequate protection against a cyber-crime, cyber insurance could protect your insurance should your business be victimized by a cyber hack. 

The licensed professionals at Oracle RMS have the experience needed to create the perfect cyber insurance plan for you. Save yourself the stress and get insurance to protect your business.

These are the types of different coverage:

Business Interruption: Should the cyber hack stop business operations or a period of time, this type of insurance can cover related financial damages
Data breach: Should you have to pay client fees for a data breach and legal costs, this type of coverage will cover these costs
Extortion Liability: Should your business be the victim of extortion and your IT system is compromised, this coverage will cover damages
Media Liability: Should your business website be hacked, this coverage would cover related damages
Network Security: This type of coverage will cover damages to third parties if your business suffers data theft from a cyber attack
Cyber insurance can cover the costs of hiring a public relation company to deal with the fall out of a public cyber attack on your business

The damages and negative effects of a cyber attack can permeate your entire business. If you own a business in Ottawa, consider protecting yourself with cyber insurance. All business owners should know about the risk of cyber attacks. Should you want to take these steps toward protecting your business, trust the licensed professionals at Oracle RMS to provide you with a cyber insurance plan that is right for your business.

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