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Do you own a business in the bustling city of Toronto? If so, you may or may not be aware that cyber attacks are one of the fastest growing risks for your business. 

Cyber attacks are now a constant risk to businesses as more organizations are tech-focused and are transitioning to a paperless process. Most businesses in Toronto are equipped with IT departments that implement cyber defense and safeguards. Although these are great precautions to have, they are not exempt from being hacked or infected with viruses. Unfortunately, this means your business is always at risk for attack. Whether you run a small, mid-size or large business, the risk applies to all. 

Cybercrime is on the rise.  With no ironclad defense that exists, businesses should look into obtaining cyber insurance. Should your business fall victim to a cyber-attack, your insurance will be there to protect you during a crisis. 

 At Oracle RMS, we can create the perfect plan by assessing your type of Toronto business and exposure. Falling victim to a cybercrime can be an incredibly stressful, consider cyber insurance to protect your business.

There are a variety of risks related to a cyber security breach. These are various types of coverage available:

Data Breach: Insurance to cover possible fines, legal fees and costs of a client-related privacy breach
Media Liability: Should a website suffer an attack, this will cover damages
Network Security: Should there be data theft, this will cover damages for third parties
Costs to contact clients to make them aware that their information has been hacked and compromised
Interruption: Insured financial expenses will be covered should the cyber hack cause the business to experience downtime
Public relation companies hired help following the wake of a cyber hack to perform damage control for the brand

If you’re a business owner based in Toronto, you are at risk for a cyber hack. When your business is under attack, the negative effects affect the business in many different ways. This is a fast and evolving risk that many business owners don’t realize they aren’t protected from. 

Rest easy knowing you have Oracle RMS in your corner, ready to intervene should the worst occur. This way, you can know you are doing the best to protect your business from the growing risks in the cyber world. 

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