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If you reside in the County of Brant and are currently looking for the best life insurance coverage that suits your needs, then contact Oracle RMS today. This is because it is important to have life insurance as it is a crucial element of financial planning.

Located in Southern Ontario, the County of Brant comprises only one single tier municipality with a total population of 36,707 people. Also known as Brant County, the County of Brant and all its communities are governed by one single level government. Brant County’s many communities include its 7 towns: Burford, Bradford, Oakland, Paris, Onondaga and South Dumfries. Located right in the Golden Horseshoe of Ontario, the County of Brant’s large borders run across the City of Hamilton, Norfolk County and Haldimand County. The motto for the County of Brant is “Simply Grand,” which is a nod to its high employment rates and growing population. For the past 15 years, the population has been growing at a rate of 1.06% per year. In the past 5 years, the population has grown by 1,069 people. With that amount of people living and growing in the County of Brant, it is important that these Brant County residents recognize that purchasing life insurance as well as other financial services will be beneficial to have.

Not only will it provide protection for the Brant County insurer’s life, but it also provides financial protection for their family and/or loved ones at their untimely death. The second biggest age group in the Brant County population is currently 50-54 years old, which is considered to be a great age to purchase life insurance. By having life insurance in the County of Brant, it will protect the insured’s family because they will be given a non-taxable amount of coverage at the time of death. It can also be used to cover the insured’s mortgage and personal loans. In addition, life insurance will replace the insured’s family income when resources are less so they can maintain their quality of life. For these reasons, life insurance in the County of Brant is important to have.  

Life Insurance will protect and provide coverage for your family and loved ones by giving them a tax-free payment after you die. Listed below are the four types of life insurance plans available:


Term Life Insurance:

This type of life insurance provides a fixed amount of insurance for a specific period of time. A term life insurance policy provides temporary protection, which can be customized to meet your changing needs.

Permanent Life Insurance:

This type of life insurance provides coverage for your whole life and depending on the type of permanent life insurance you buy; it can also build cash value over time. In fact, some permanent life insurance policies let you pay for a limited time and then you don’t have to pay any more.


Participating Life Insurance:

This type of life insurance is a type of permanent whole life insurance coverage that can be eligible to receive a sum of money. This can be used to buy more coverage, reduce your annual premium cost or earn interest inside your plan. However, it should be noted that dividends are not always guaranteed.


Universal Life Insurance:

This type of life insurance is a more flexible type of permanent life insurance plan that combines protection and savings. A guaranteed death benefit will be chosen for your beneficiaries, which means that the payments you make above the cost of insurance can grow in a tax-preferred savings account or can be used to increase the amount of your death benefit.  



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In the County of Brant, when you purchase Life Insurance with Oracle RMS, you are insuring yourself and providing financial stability for your family and/or loved ones at your untimely death.

By partnering with Oracle RMS, we provide excellent customer service and work hard to get you the best life insurance plans in the County of Brant that best suit your unique needs. We are proud to be partnered with a wide range of insurance companies who can provide a variety of life insurance quotes for all Brant County residents.

At Oracle RMS, you will work along with one of our licensed brokers to help guide you through the quoting process. They will make sure you understand all the insurance jargon and information up to the last detail of your auto policy before you’ve made the final decision.

Life Insurance is a financial service that will protect you and your future. Other financial services that could protect you are: 


Long Term Care:

This is an income-style benefit if you become unable to care for yourself due to an accident, illness or deteriorated mental abilities or aging. This income will be provided for you and your family to use in order to help protect your savings and income.



This type of financial service was created to replace a portion of your income if you have become disabled and no longer able to earn an income. This can result in a number of causes, including an injury, serious illness or a mental health issue. There are different kinds of disability insurance coverage because it can depend on the duration of the disability which is either short or long-term, the insured’s own insurance policy or group insurance policy, government plans such as workers’ compensation and benefits under the Canada Pension Plan.

Critical Illness:

This provides financial help to pay the costs that are associated with life-altering illnesses such as cancer, stroke and heart disease. For example, if you have coverage and become sick with an illness and survive the waiting period, you will receive a lump-sum of cash that can help you and your family and/or loved ones.


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Brant County helps residents stay healthy at all ages and stages with public health programs and services. For more information of the best health services in the County of Brant residents can visit this website link:

For Brant County residents who are looking for funeral homes within their region can inquire at some of the following locations: Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Burford Pioneer Cemetery, Harley Cemetery, Oakland Cemetery, St. George Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Scotland Cemetery, Paris Cemetery and many more.

These are the total number of people in the following age groups living in the County of Brant

  • 0 to 14 years = 6,305 people
  • 15 to 64 years = 25,535 people
  • 65 years and over = 6,870 people

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