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If you reside in Guelph and own a motorcycle, it is important to have motorcycle insurance. This is incredibly important to have for all bike riders due to the fact that you want to protect your bike(s) should there be any unexpected circumstances.

The City of Guelph has a total population of 131,794 people. For the past 15 years, the population of Guelph has been growing steadily at a rate of 1.61% per year. The City of Guelph has direct access to many of Ontario’s major highways such as: Highway 7, Highway 6 and Highway 401. It also has access to both of Ontario’s international airports and four of the United States border crossings. This brings a lot of road traffic in and out of the city.  Located west of Toronto, the City of Guelph has a variety of ways for residents to commute such as cars, public transit and motorcycles.

There are many winding highways surrounding Ontario’s greenery and nature in Guelph that motorcycle riders take. With that being said, for Guelph bike riders new or old, they must ensure that they have the best motorcycle insurance in Guelph. In fact, riding a motorcycle without insurance in Ontario is illegal. That’s why it is important for all Guelph motorcycle riders to have motorcycle insurance. Not only will it provide protection for every Guelph motorcycle rider and their bike for any loss or damages, but it will also protect riders from receiving fines.

Motorcycle insurance will protect and provide coverage for your bike(s), all listed riders and any loss or damages. In Ontario, it is required to include and purchase the following motorcycle insurance coverage below:


Comprehensive Coverage:

This type of coverage will cover for any loss or damages caused by fire, vandalism, theft, storms, hail damage and other non-traffic accident claims.

Collision Coverage:

This section of a motorcycle insurance policy provides coverage if you’re in an accident that is your fault. This coverage will help pay for the bike repairs that were damaged in the accident that is less than the deductible amount.    

Total Loss Insurance Coverage:

This type of coverage will help pay to replace your bike.

Liability Coverage:

This section of a motorcycle insurance policy will provide coverage to protect the insured if a third-party has been injured or has succumbed to their injuries, or their property is damaged. It will compensate for claims in the event of a lawsuit against the insured up to the limit of their coverage. It will also compensate for the cost of settling a claim.


Whether customers are shopping for motorcycle insurance, are aware of their upcoming motorcycle policy renewal or are looking to save money on their current policy, overall, it is important to be informed about motorcycle insurance and how a policy works.

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In Guelph Ontario, when you purchase Motorcycle Insurance with Oracle RMS, you are insuring your bike(s), all listed riders, and any loss or damages resulting from a motorcycle accident.


By partnering with Oracle RMS, we provide excellent customer service and work hard to get you some of the lowest motorcycle insurance rates in Guelph that best suit your unique needs. We are proud to be partnered with a wide range of insurance companies who can provide a variety of motorcycle insurance quote for all Guelph residents.


At Oracle RMS, you will work along with one of our licensed brokers to help guide you through the quoting process. They will make sure you understand all the insurance jargon and information up to the last detail of your auto insurance policy before you’ve made the final decision.

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Motorcycle Facts in the City of Guelph


A popular motorcycle event in the City of Guelph is the Royal Distributing Bike Night that occurs every Thursday in the months of June and July. They host a barbeque and raise money through raffle prizes and giveaways for the MS Society. If you are interested in joining a motorcycle club, Guelph has a local club called the Bad Bones Riding Club that was established in 2016.

There are popular motorcycle accessory stores available in the City of Guelph such as Royal Distributing, Cycle Tech, Toga Operations Ltd., PartSource, Two Wheel Motorsport Inc. and more.

Some of the top 10 motorcycle repair shops in Guelph include Two Wheel Motorsport, Apex Cycle, Performance Cycle, Zdeno Cycle, Bulldog Power Sports and more. 

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