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Home to 323,103, Vaughan’s population has nearly doubled within the past few decades. With a local GDP that numbers in the billions, the city has the distinction of being one of the biggest employment areas in the Greater Toronto Area. And while the community has traditionally been dominated by manufacturing, business services, retail, and construction are also an important part of Vaughan’s present-day local economy. Whether you’re visiting family, taking that highly anticipated cruise, or closing that deal, Vaughan is a city that has all the amenities you need and then some. 
Whenever you’re planning a major trip, there’s no guarantee that things will go smoothly. You could test positive for COVID or you could be involved in an accident while you’re travelling. And as if that isn’t bad enough, non-refundable purchases and cancellation penalties can leave you with a hefty bill. Here at Oracle RMS, we’re committed to helping Vaughan residents find top-notch travel insurance. Get in touch with us to learn more about our travel insurance packages.

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As you explore your options for securing travel insurance in Vaughan, there are a couple of coverage types that you may want to discuss with your Oracle RMS broker:

Baggage Coverage and Delay:

When you have reached your destination but your luggage is still in transit, you could find yourself scrambling to buy replacement toiletries and clothes. This insurance option makes it possible for you to be compensated for your costs.

Rental Car Coverage:

If you don’t have adequate insurance, even a minor fender bender can result in serious financial fallout. Our rental car coverage makes it possible for you to generate major money in a relatively short period of time.

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Travel Facts in Vaughan

Fact 1:

A travel insurance mix-up left a Vaughan family with a $32,900 air ambulance bill after one half of the couple suffered a stroke while staying abroad.

You can read the story here

Fact 2:

Toronto Pearson International Airport is located less than 20 km away from Vaughan.

Fact 3:

The nearest Service Canada location for Vaughan residents is in Richmond Hill.

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