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Watercraft and Boat Insurance With Oracle RMS

Whether you’re out for a leisurely cruise, going fishing, or participating in water sports, make sure you have the right insurance policies that protect you against the hazards that come along with owning a watercraft in Canada.

With the help of Oracle RMS, you won’t have to worry about whether you’re sufficiently covered. We offer customized services tailored to the unique needs and budget you have.

Watercraft Insurance Options

Insurance for your boats can give you the peace of mind you need to get out on the water and sail away to your next destination. Here’s a closer look at insurance policies you should consider for your boats:

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Boat liability coverage

Similar to auto insurance, liability insurance offers protections against claims of property damage and personal injury made by third parties. It also assists in covering damages from any crashes where you have been found at fault, as well as medical costs and legal expenses.

Towing and assistance coverage

Towing and assistance protection will cover the cost of emergency towing, fuel delivery, and any further on-water support you may require in the event that your boat breaks down while you’re out on the water.

Comprehensive boat coverage

Comprehensive policies offers protection if your boats have been lost, vandalized, or stolen. It can also insure you against damages that occur as a result of fires, bad weather, and more.

Personal property boat coverage

Your personal items, including electronics, sporting goods, and other equipment, that are left on your boat are covered from damage, loss, and additional hazards by this insurance policy.

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Boat Owners We Cover

At Oracle RMS, we’re pleased to offer coverage to a variety of boat owners including:

  • Watercraft coverage
  • Sailboat insurance
  • Yacht insurance
  • Seadoo insurance

Why Work with Oracle RMS

With years of experience in the insurance industry, Oracle RMS is a leading broker offering a variety of services you can rely on. Whether auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance, or coverage for your boats, you can rest assured knowing our knowledgeable team is working hard to find the best coverage for your unique needs, boat, and budget.

Partner with a watercraft and boat insurance company in Adjala-Tosorontio that has your best interests in mind. At Oracle RMS, we’ve got you covered.

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Do you need insurance on a personal watercraft in Adjala-Tosorontio?

Personal watercraft insurance coverage is not mandatory in Canada. That said, being insured while you’re on the water can be invaluable. Just like operating a vehicle, boating can be dangerous. But, with the right coverage, you’ll have protection against boating accidents, so you won’t have to worry about safeguarding your assets.

How much is boat insurance in Adjala-Tosorontio?

The cost of boat coverage depends on several factors including:

  • The size of your boat and how powerful it is.
  • How much your watercraft costs and how much it would be to replace it following a total loss.
  • Your past insurance claims.
  • What you plan to use your boats for and where you plan to use them.
  • Whether you have boat safety equipment stored on your boats.
  • Where you keep your boat during the off season.
  • And more.

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