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Health and fitness is an important aspect in the lives of millions of people across Canada. And as yoga instructors, you have the unique opportunity to not only share your practice, but also help others with their health and fitness journey.

Whether you’re a yoga instructor teaching from home, your own yoga studio, or online, having an insurance policy with adequate coverage against associated risks, is essential not only for your peace of mind, but your interests as well.

Insurance coverage for yoga instructors in Vaughan, Ontario

There are numerous different types of yoga insurance policies in Vaughan. Here’s a closer look at some of the various types:

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Professional liability insurance/errors and omissions insurance

If you are ever accused of professional misconduct, negligence, or incapacity to provide services, your yoga studio will be protected by professional liability insurance, which is also referred to as errors omissions insurance.

This liability insurance protects you if clients claim that your yoga instruction or expert advice caused them bodily injuries. For example, this insurance prevents you from liability in the event that a client sustains injuries during a yoga class at your studio and later files a lawsuit against you and will cover legal fees, medical expenses, and other incurred costs regardless of if you are found at fault or not that no negligence occurred.

Commercial general liability insurance

Insurance against third-party bodily injury and property damage that happens while a customer is at and on your yoga studio’s premises is provided by commercial general liability. This general liability coverage protects your yoga practice, studio, you as the teacher, your fellow yoga instructors, and any other employees you may employ. Legal expenses, medical expenses, and other costs associated with the claim are covered under this policy.

Commercial property liability insurance

Commercial property liability insurance covers your business against property damage, theft, or complete loss of the building and what’s inside. Typically, this property insurance protects against damage caused by fire, floods, extreme weather, and other insured peril.

Cyber liability insurance

Cyber liability insurance coverage is especially important for yoga instructors who teach online yoga classes, accept online payments, and store client information. This insurance policy protects you from legal liability in the event your business undergoes a cyber attack and a data breach occurs.

Business interruption insurance coverage

Business interruption insurance protects your company against any financial loss that can result from harm to your yoga studio’s physical assets. In the unfortunate circumstance that your business is damaged, this business coverage helps to reimburse you for the money you would have lost while it was closed for repairs. Often, it can also provide funding for ongoing expenses like rent and employee salaries.

Protect your yoga business with the help of Oracle RMS

Oracle RMS is a leading insurance brokerage with years of experience partnering with professionals in the fitness industry. If you’re looking for more information on how you can protect yourself and your business against claims, our knowledgeable brokers are here to help.

We’ll take the time to learn more about your yoga business and everyday insurance needs to oyu can find a policy that works for you. To learn more about what coverage is available to you, reach out to one of our employees over the phone.

Alternatively, if you prefer the comfort of your own home, yoga teachers can get a free quote using our online quote tool.


How to file a claim for yoga insurance?

If for some reasons you need to file an insurance claim as a yoga instructor, here is what you need to do:

1. Reach out to your insurance provider

Contact your insurance provider as soon as something happens. They will ask you to provide specific details about what happened.

2.Gather important documents

If you’re able to, gather documents related to your claims such as videos, photos, and any other important evidence.

3. Submit your insurance claim

Submit the claim form along with all supporting documentation to your insurance provider in Canada so they can review your claims.

4. Keep in contact with your insurance claim

Make sure to keep in touch with your insurance company about your claim for updates and potential resolutions.

Do you need a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) certification to get insurance?

No, yoga instructors do not need a Registered Yoga Teacher certification to purchase coverage for their businesses. This is a common misconception. However, if you are licensed with the Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario, they must adhere to licensing regulations and provide coverage providers your licensing number to obtain an policy and confirm you are insured.

If you have any further questions about what information is needed to purchase coverage for your yoga businesses, reach out to a broker or your insurance provide directly.

Do you need a different insurance if you teach yoga from home? 

If you’re a yoga instructor who instructs clients from your own private property, you will need to consider different coverage options for your practice. Beyond professional liability and general liability yoga insurance, you may also want purchase coverage for your home and property such as the following:

Home business insurance: Regular home insurance is not enough to cover any business-related claims that happen on your property. With a home business coverage plan, you can ensure you’re entirely protected should anything happen as a result of your business activities that take place.

Personal property coverage: If you use specific equipment for your yoga practice, whether it be mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, you may want to purchase additional personal property coverage. This will ensure that your business equipment has protection against theft, vandalism, and damage, should anything occur on your property.

Ultimately, before you go ahead and purchase these two coverages, we suggest taking a look at your home protection policies to see if there’s any lapses in protection. That way, you can tailor your additional coverage on tip, to ensure you are completely insured moving forward.

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