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Yoga instructors offer a sense of calm when life can get hectic. And if you yourself are a yoga instructor, you’re in the unique position to provide a sense of health and wellness to you clients.

But, like any professional, without the right insurance policy, you can put yourself at risk of liability claims, which is why having yoga insurance is an absolute must-have. Luckily, with the help of the team at Oracle RMS, getting comprehensive insurance protection for your yoga business is as as easy as a downward dog!

Take a closer look at how our seasoned brokerage can help in your hunt for yoga insurance as an instructor.

Insurance Coverage for all Yoga Instructors in Whitchurch Stouffville

At Oracle RMS we recognize that all yoga instructors are different, which is why we help customers tailor their yoga insurance coverage to meet their individual needs. If you’re in the market for coverage, here are some policies you may want to consider:

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Professional liability insurance (errors omissions)

One of the most important coverage options yoga teachers can purchase is professional liability insurance. Professional liability cover legal fees and any other associated costs associated with a lawsuit that claims third party bodily injury due to your negligence, failure to provide services, and professional negligence for any advice you give as a yoga teacher.

For example, if a client claims they suffered an injury in your class due to your instructions, omissions insurance will pay for your legal expenses, pay for any settlement costs, medical fees, and other costs, regardless of if you are found negligent or not.

Commercial general liability insurance

Commercial general liability provides coverage for third-party property damage and physical harm that occurs while a client is at and on your yoga studio’s property. This policy covers other costs related to the claim, including legal and medical fees and extends to your employees, and yourself as an instructor.

Commercial property

Commercial property liability insurance protects your company from theft, property damage, and total loss of the facility and its contents. Usually, this kind of property insurance guards against harm from perils like fire, floods, severe weather, and other covered occurrences.

Cyber liability insurance

It is particularly crucial for yoga instructors who teach online, take online payments, and maintain client data to get cyber liability insurance. This insurance coverage protects you from legal liabilities in the instance that a cyberattack and data leak occur at your company.

Business interruption coverage

Business interruption insurance protects your business from any financial losses that may arise from damage to the tangible assets of your studio. This business coverage helps to compensate you for the money you would have earned while your firm was closed for repairs in the event that it is damaged. Most policies include employee salaries and reimbursements for rent.

As you can see, as a yoga instructor, the right insurance policy can look differently for everyone, which is why it’s important you look with an insurance company that understands your unique needs and risks as a business owner.

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Are you a yoga instructor looking for tailored, affordable yoga insurance in Whitchurch Stouffville? If so, the experienced broker team from Oracle RMS is here to help. Our brokers have access to some of the best coverage options in Canada and can help find the perfect insurance for your unique needs.

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Do you need a different insurance for your yoga studio?

Beyond a professional liability insurance package that protects you from any legal liability when you are practicing yoga with clients, you should also consider the following yoda insurance:

  1. Commercial general liability: This insurance protection covers your legal costs, health expenses, and other incurred fees in the event a client is injured on the premise of your yoga studio. It also extends to any employees you have should a suit be filed against you.
  2. Cyber liability insurance coverage: If you take payments or store client data using a computer system, cyber liability insurance is also needed. This will protect you against a suit should a data breach occur.
  3. Commercial property liability: Property liability protects your building structure, equipment, and any other items stored in your studio from an insured peril such as fires, severe weather conditions, water damage, and other risks listed in your policy documents by covering the costs of repairs and damage.

Owning a physical studio comes with a set of risks, but with the right coverage you can grow and operate your business in Whitchurch Stouffville with confidence.

Does my yoga instructor insurance cover me If I run a yoga business from home?

Yes, in most cases if you have professional liability insurance and general liability insurance coverage, it can provide coverage if you teach yoga classes in your home rather than a commercial yoga studio.

That being said, a basic yoga instructor insurance plan might not cover other risks associated with operating your yoga business on your personal private property. Therefore, we suggest reaching out to your current insurance company and asking about the specifics of your coverage and whether an additional home insurance for your at-home business is needed.

Do I need additional coverage or two policies if I teach yoga and pilates?

Because yoga practice and pilates are different and have certain unique risks associated with them, it is possible that you would need two separate insurance policies to ensure you are covered. Due to your unique needs, we suggest reaching out to your insurance company to see if an additional premium is required.

They will be able to walk you through the process of obtaining the right insurance so you are covered entirely and have peace of mind knowing you will not be held liable if an accident occurs while you are teaching.

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