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Situated right on the Detroit River directly across from Detroit, Michigan, Windsor is home to 217,188 residents as of the 2016 census. This population number is enough to make it one of the third most populated city in southwestern Ontario. Known throughout the country as the “Automotive Capital of Canada”, Windsor’s economic heritage has traditionally been tied to industry and manufacturing and the continued presence of Ford Motor and the FCA Canada headquarters speaks to that. However, Red Piston, the AlphaKor Group, and the University of Windsor all demonstrate the success of the tech and education sectors. Caesars Windsor, as one of Canada’s largest casinos, is a tourist draw while places like Adventure Bay Family Water Park and the Ojibway Nature Centre also serve as local attractions.
Windsor is unique in that it has some of the hottest and most humid summers in all of Canada. Naturally, swimming pools are a popular destination during the hot summer months. If you’re a swimming pool contractor with residential and commercial clients, getting pool insurance in Windsor allow you to focus on doing what you do best without worrying about whether you’re covered as you work on the jobsite.


In Need of Pool Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered:


General Liability:

This type of insurance can give you coverage in the event that an accident happens or damage is done to a client’s property. Repairs can be expensive and so can the legal bills associated with getting sued. This insurance type will cover legal expenses, damages, and settlements.

Installation Floater:

When you’re constructing and installing a swimming pool, you may not own all of the materials you’re installing. However, if materials are damaged while in transit, on the site, or during the installation process, you may nonetheless be held liable. An installation floater will keep you covered during this critical stage of the process.


Pollution Insurance:

This type of insurance is ideal for Waterloo-based swimming pool contractors who also do maintenance work on the pools that they construct. If chemicals you use to clean or maintain the pool wind up damaging a client’s property, pollution insurance will keep you covered.


Rip & Tear Insurance:

While there’s no question that as a swimming pool contractor, you will do your best to deliver excellent work, sometimes mistakes are made and faulty materials get installed that ultimately need replacing. A major problem from the client’s standpoint is that fixing the replacement may involve damaging non-defective property. Rip and tear coverage provides an extra layer of protection in the event that previous work on the swimming pool needs to be fixed.



In Need of Pool Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered


As a swimming pool contractor, it’s not enough to have the right amount of insurance. You also need the right type of coverage. Our licensed and experienced brokers will make sure that you have the Windsor-based pool insurance you need. Contact Oracle RMS today.

Make sure your business is covered by taking out pool insurance in Windsor. Here are some additional coverage types you may want to explore:

Commercial Auto Insurance

Working as a swimming pool contractor involves a lot of travel during business hours. If you were to get into accident while traveling for work, the unfortunate reality is that there may be limits on what standard personal car insurance would be able to do for you. Commercial auto insurance is a great coverage type for contractors who use work vehicles.

Building & Property Insurance

It’s an odd fact of insurance that general building insurance will cover damages to the building itself, but not necessarily to the property inside of it. If you keep supplies or equipment in storage, it’s possible for you to end up on the hook for a bigger bill than you expected in the event of a fire or a flood. With the right building and property coverage, you can take steps towards making sure that you’re carrying the right type of insurance.

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Swimming Pool Facts in Windsor


Fact 1:
The Adie Knox Herman Complex one of Windsor’s all season pools.

Fact 2:
Julia Lane, four-time Down syndrome swimming world record-holder, is from Windsor.

Fact 3:
Windsor residents can take swimming lessons and Aquafit classes at the Gino and Liz Marcus Community Complex.
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