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With Lake Muskoka on one side, Gull Lake on another, and Kahshe Lake mere minutes away, Gravenhurst is a town that’s situated firmly in cottage country. Home to 12,311, this community is made up of several former townships in Muskoka Township, Morrison Township, Ryde Township, and the eastern half of Wood Township. Thanks to the presence of both Torrance Barrens Conservation Reserve and Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park, Gravenhurst has no shortage of breathtaking natural scenery to enjoy. Between those and attractions like the Winter Carnival and the Muskoka Wharf, it’s not surprising that this town continues to be a popular getaway destination.
As a general rule, cottages that are situated near water can be quite expensive to purchase. Taking out a well-crafted insurance policy can help you protect the investment you’ve made in your property. When you partner with an experienced broker, you can be sure that your cottage insurance will protect you when it counts.


Looking for Cottage Insurance in Gravenhurst? We’ve Got You Covered!

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If you’re looking for cottage insurance in Gravenhurst, here are some more particular coverage options that you may wish to consider:

Contents Coverage:

Most cottage owners will have certain items that stay in the cottage on a more or less permanent basis. These can include mattresses, bed frames, and even small fridges. In the aftermath of a fire or some other form of insured peril, contents coverage may be able to protect the items that you keep in your cottage. 

Detached Private Structures Coverage:

Owning a cottage property can sometimes come with more than the cottage itself. As such, it’s not unusual to have garages or tool sheds located near the cottage. If this is the case for you, a detached private structures policy can ensure that these additional small buildings and pieces are insured along with your cottage.

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Cottage Facts in Gravenhurst

Fact 1:

There are nine trails, totaling 35 kilometers, in Gravenhurst.


Fact 2:
The town maintains 6 publicly-accessible beaches.

Fact 3:

In July of 2020, the Muskoka Region saw a 29.8% and 64.2% jump in sales for non-waterfront and waterfront properties respectively.

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