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Boasting a full-time resident population of 1,842, North Frontenac is made up of several communities in Beech Corners, Donaldson, Ardoch, Myers Cave, Beatty, Canonto, Ompah, Coxvale, Harlowe, Robertsville, Snow Road Station, Wilbur, Plevna, Fernleigh, and Mississippi Station. Between the scenic views of the Canadian Shield and the hiking and fishing opportunities provided by the Kashwakamak Lake and the Schooner Trail, among other destinations, North Frontenac is a community that has a lot to offer.
Although the process may look similar from the outside looking in, insuring a cottage isn’t exactly the same as insuring a house. Because most people live in their cottages on a part-time or seasonal basis, there are unique risks that have to be considered when you’re insuring your property. With the support of an experienced Oracle RMS broker, you can get the cottage insurance you need at an equally fantastic rate.


Looking for Cottage Insurance in North Frontenac? We’ve Got You Covered!

Here at Oracle RMS, we’re committed to helping property owners like you get top-notch cottage insurance in North Frontenac. Our brokers will work hard to find personalized insurance solutions that will give you the right amount of coverage. Contact us to get started today!

If you’re looking at the possibility of getting cottage insurance in North Frontenac, here are a couple of coverage options that you may want to consider:

Detached Private Structures Coverage:

Does your cottage property have a shed or a garage? If you do, then this coverage option should probably be on your radar. Whether you’re looking at fire damage or water damage, detached private structures insurance can help you protect your property.

Personal Liability Coverage:

This type of insurance is for situations where someone suffers either property damage or bodily injury. You never know when a guest might fall and hurt themselves or when a tree might fall and damage someone else’s property. Personal liability coverage can cover the cost of damages.

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Cottage Insurance Facts in North Frontenac

Fact 1:

North Frontenac has 7,000 seasonal residents.


Fact 2:

The township is home to at least 14 cottage associations.

Fact 3:

North Frontenac is such a popular destination for short-term cottage renters that the township’s website has a page dedicated to the subject.

You can read it here


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