Fall has arrived and temperatures are dropping. The cooler weather calls for fallen leaves and windier days. However, some days can be windier than others.

Two weeks ago, the Maritime Provinces experienced a strong fall storm. They had winds of about 60 kilometres per hour causing power outages and fallen trees to name a few. Ontario’s wind storm from February of this year reported strong winds with frequent gusts between 100 kilometres and 110 kilometres per hour. 

Regardless, homeowners need to be aware that their home can be affected when a strong storm with high gusts of wind can occur. Read below to familiarize yourself with examples of home damages caused by wind:

  1. Roofs 

    The first thought that comes to mind when a strong windy day appears would be the roof. The roof of your home is part of what helps keep your home safe and secure. Damaged shingles can especially cut into the life of a roof and makes it easier to be blown away during a windy day. Since this would be a result of an act of nature, homeowners insurance will cover the replacement of the roof.

  2. Windows 

    Windows can completely break or get shattered from strong winds. This can result in flying debris or tree branches breaking. There are numerous cases where broken branches have landed on windows from strong winds, which then causes those windows to break.

  3. Entire Home 

    Realistically, any part of your home can be damaged from strong winds. As previously mentioned, broken tree branches can break windows, but sometimes stronger winds can cause an entire tree to fall on homes. Some portions of a home can get destroyed, while other homes are not as fortunate. From outdoor patio furniture like umbrellas, tables and swings, to old crumbly brick getting dislodged from debri flying around can all cause damage to your home. In addition, strong winds are enough to blow down fences or falling tree limbs and branches can easily crush your fence.

Luckily for homeowners, wind damage is covered through home insurance. To avoid any surprises, it’s always important to know your coverages, since home insurance policies may vary. Also keep in mind that you should inspect your home before it’s gone with the wind!

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