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As a business owner in the manufacturing industry, a manufacturing insurance policy that gives you the coverage you need is an absolute must. When you work with Oracle RMS, you’re working with an insurance broker who understands your industry. Contact us today!

Home to 131,794, the city of Guelph has the distinction of being both close to Kitchener and within driving distance of Toronto. Although “The Royal City” is known for its diverse and robust business sector, manufacturing has traditionally been a major economic contributor. To that end, Guelph’s manufacturing sector includes fabricated metal product manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and last, but certainly not least, auto parts manufacturing.
It goes without saying that as a business owner, you work hard to manage risks and create contingency plans for your company. Manufacturers insurance allows Guelph-based manufacturing companies to have their interests protected in the face of the unexpected.


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Working with an experienced insurance broker can make it easier and faster for Guelph-based manufacturers to get the insurance they need. Here at Oracle RMS, our brokers will work hard to help you find a policy that will give you great coverage at a great rate. Contact us to get started!

If you’re looking for manufacturers insurance in Guelph, here are a couple of coverages that you might benefit from:

Building & Property Insurance:

As a manufacturer, your line of work makes your equipment and your building indispensable. Building and property insurance makes it possible for you to be compensated for your loss if your building, equipment, furniture, and property are ever damaged by an insured peril.

Business Interruption Insurance:

If an insured peril were to shut down your business temporarily, chances are that the cost of repairing and restoring your property wouldn’t be your only expense. Business interruption insurance can cover you for lost income and fixed expenses during periods where you can’t operate due to an insured peril.

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Manufacturing Facts in Guelph


Fact 1:
There are 9 plastic and rubber product manufacturers in Guelph.


Fact 2:
CGL Manufacturing is based in Guelph.

Fact 3:
Advanced manufacturing is expected to add over 20,000 jobs in Guelph going forward.

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