Car Insurance in Toronto

The streets of Toronto are always crowded with busy residents making their way from one place to the next. It seems as if everyone’s in a rush and accidents are becoming more frequent. As you drive around Toronto, you will feel safe if you are equipped with the right Toronto car insurance plan. Under Ontario law, you are required to obtain vehicle insurance before you drive. Car insurance will protect you, your loved ones, and your investment as you make your way around. Since car insurance in Toronto is mandatory how will you find the best coverage possible?


The cost of insurance is dependent on many different factors. These include the model and car make, commute distance, driving history, neighbourhood and the cost of additional coverages. Factors such as a new or used vehicle, safety features, or the cost of repairs will all affect your insurance rate. Far distance commutes, driving records with tickets, infractions or accidents and living in a high-risk neighbourhood could mean a higher insurance rate. There are many variables that affect the quote you receive for car insurance.


At Oracle RMS, we collectively have over 20 years of experience in delivering top quality customer service to clients. We do this by providing the right insurance plan for our clients, by assessing their exposure and specific situation. We know that everyone is unique, and we believe their insurance coverage should reflect that. We write no generic policies to ensure you are receiving the coverages you only need. We can bring you the best prices possible by leveraging our extensive network of insurance companies that we have partnered with for years.


At Oracle RMS you will receive the following:

  • The best possible rate sourced from our network of insurance partners
  • Quality customer service and support during the claims process
  • Insurance plans for new and used vehicles
  • An insurance plan regardless of your driving history
  • A custom tailored plan made just for you

Oracle RMS offers many car insurance coverages: 

Liability Insurance: This coverage will cover the damages encountered should you cause personal injury to a pedestrian driver or cause damages to a property during an accident
Accident Benefits Insurance: This coverage will cover the damages related to an accident whether it is your fault or not
Direct Compensation: This coverage will cover the damages related to an accident that is you are considered not at fault in
Uninsured Automobile Insurance: This coverage will cover the damages caused by an accident with someone who is driving illegally without insurance


The roads in Toronto can sometimes be overwhelming as they remain consistently busy and bustling throughout the year. If you are in the market for car insurance in Toronto, consider speaking with the licensed professionals at Oracle RMS. They will create a custom tailored plan for your situation and educate you on the coverages you need at the best price possible.

Should you have any further questions regarding your insurance quote for Toronto or surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.