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As you drive around in the City of Vaughan, you want to feel safe and confident knowing you have a car insurance plan that is right for you with coverage that suits your needs. In Ontario, it is mandatory by law to have car insurance before you get behind the wheel and out on the roads. Not only does insurance protect your car and investment, but it will protect you, your loved ones and the others in your community. Car insurance in Vaughan is always required.

Your car insurance premium depends on a variety of different factors that include your car make and model, the way you intend to drive it, previous driving record, neighbourhood and extra coverages you would like to add.

If the make and model of your car, whether new or used, has features that enhance safety and is costly to fix, it will affect your rate. If you intend to use your car for long daily commutes, your insurance rates could go up. If you have a bad driving record that includes accidents, speeding tickets or  driving infractions, this will also affect your rate. Any of these factors will affect the cost of your insurance. Otherwise, if you are listed  as a good driver or live in a low-risk neighbourhood, your car insurance will positively lower your rate.

At Oracle RMS, we have an extensive history in providing clients the best car insurance in Vaughan  by delivering excellent customer service and customizing the right tailored plan for you. This way, you’re receiving the insurance you need without having to foot the bill for coverages that won’t benefit you or  don’t need. Through our many insurance company partners, we have an established network to source you the best insurance plan.


At Oracle RMS:

  • You will receive the lowest rate through one of our partnered insurance companies
  • You’ll have us behind you in every step of the claims process, ensuring the process is hassle-free
  • You’ll be insured whether your vehicle is old or new
  • You’ll be given the right solution no matter what type of driving history you have
  • You’ll receive a custom plan, not a generic policy

These are the types of mandatory coverages we offer at Oracle RMS:

Liability Coverage: If you get in an accident and cause injury to a person or driver or damage someone’s property, your insurance will cover the payments
Direct Compensation: If you get in an accident that was not your fault, your insurance will cover your cars damages
Accidents Benefits Coverage: This coverage does not take into account who was at-fault in the accident and will cover your medical expenses and other related costs that are covered
Uninsured Automobile Coverage: Should you get into an accident with someone who is at-fault and is driving illegally without insurance, your car damage and medical costs will be covered

If you are looking for car insurance in Vaughan, you’re in the right place. The licensed professionals at Oracle RMS are always ready to help and deliver the best coverage possible at the very best price. Contact Oracle RMS today to receive a custom tailored quote that is right for your situation.

Should you have any further questions regarding your insurance quote for Vaughan or surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.