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If you’re part of an employee group, school alumni, union or professional association based in Mississauga, have you ever considered Group Home and Auto Insurance?

By partnering with Oracle RMS, one of our main focuses is to help your group receive the best discounted rates for Group Home and Auto Insurance in Mississauga. At Oracle RMS, you are more than qualified to purchase a group benefits insurance package. In addition, there will be a licensed broker assigned to your group!

We offer a unique variety of Mississauga Group Home and Auto insurance coverage options to help you attract and retain employees, increasing and sustaining your groups business and enhancing your benefits program. All of our discounted rates and additional savings are also exclusive to all members’ spouses and dependent children, who are residing in the same household.

We will provide the following:

A full program implementation plan for your Mississauga-based group
Onsite quoting sessions that include one-on-one discussions with your members
Administration, sales, enrollment, premium collection and servicing
Customized assortment of promotional marketing and communicative materials to inform your group of the program such as: Signage for Staff Areas, Paystub Slips and Informative pamphlets.

Should you decide to get group home and auto insurance with Oracle RMS, you will receive the following:

Exclusive member group rates and additional savings that cannot be found outside of a group program
24/7 service through online quote requests and claims response service
Flexible payment options with no interest or service charges
Employee loyalty that continues to build

When you choose to have group insurance with Oracle RMS, our professional and dedicated Group Home and Auto division will work with our partnered insurance carriers to get you the best rates. Not only will we provide you and your members peace of mind and protection, there is also no setup fee, administration cost or payroll deduction in your plan! With Oracle RMS, you’re one step closer in providing your Mississauga group the very best Group Home and Auto Insurance coverage. Contact us today for a quote!

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