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Canada is known for its cold and long winters that leave the streets of Toronto piled with snow. The 2019 winter brought over 135 cms of snow.   If you are a snow removal contractor in Toronto, you understand the high risks that come with the job.

Snow removal contractor insurance in Toronto is necessary to accommodate the extremely high risks of a slip and fall on the property you service. The licensed brokers at Oracle RMS, understand this unique business and the risks that come along with it. We offer insurance packages for Toronto snow removal contractors that are affordable and will take into the coverages you need and don’t.

When you service a property, the risk of a slip and fall accident is highly likely. A slip and fall can occur regardless of the level of quality service you provide. It’s a risk that unfortunately exists even if you’ve performed a decent service. These slip and falls are highly likely to result in a lawsuit against your company. Liability coverage can protect you from this exposure. Our team at Oracle RMS understands this Toronto industry and can educate you on how to disclose the operations you perform accurately. Should you find yourself the subject of a lawsuit, Oracle RMS will be in your corner to protect you.

There is risk of theft, possible damaged or unforeseen dangers which always puts your tools and snow plows at risk. By insuring your snow removal Toronto business, you can also insure the equipment and tools being used. This way, you’re protected during the on and off season, should your equipment ever be damaged or stolen.

Oracle RMS offers snow removal companies exclusive coverages that include:

Property Coverage: Covers repairs and replacements if the snow plow suffers damages or should breakdown
Liability Coverage: Covers damages to a client should they suffer a physical accident (Ex: slip and fall) or damages to their property after receiving a snow removal service
Commercial Auto Coverage: Covers business purpose driven vehicles from damages and risk associated with driving in faulty weather conditions. This includes tools and equipment attached to the vehicle. (Ex: the plow attached to the front end) This includes guidance on how to properly disclose your usage to protect you from risk.

When the snow falls, the streets of Toronto fill up quick. Without the snow removal contractors of Toronto, the city could not adapt to the winter. Snow removal contractors are necessary to protect the city and snow removal contractor insurance is necessary to protect yourself and your business.

 Contact Oracle RMS today to protect yourself from these exposures! We’ll provide you with an Snow Removal Toronto Insurance quote. Should a problem occur, you can rest easy knowing you have Oracle in your corner.

Should you have any further questions regarding your insurance quote for Toronto or surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.