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The city of Vaughan is known for getting hit hard by winter’s elements. The suburban roads and streets become packed with snow after the Canadian winters’ many snowfalls. Without the snow removal contractors of Vaughan, residents would be stuck and immobile at home or on the road and unable to go about their days.

If you operate a snow removal business in Vaughan, you are well-versed in the intricacies of the job and the risks that are entailed;. for your clients, yourself and your business. At Oracle RMS, we understand the unique qualities of your business and can assess the exposure adequately. If you are a snow removal contractor in Vaughan, snow removal contractor insurance is a necessity to protect you from these exposures.

Snow removal services  have a high risk of  clients suffering  slip and falls so regardless of the quality of service your company may provide, you are still responsible for any negligence on your premises that may result in injuries.  In Vaughan, with snow removal contractor insurance, you will have the licensed professionals at Oracle RMS to guide you in getting the best coverage suited for your company.

Your equipment, trucks and tools are vital to run your business. However, the usage of your equipment and trucks may put your business at risk, as well as your ability to deliver your service. By having property coverage, it will protect your equipment and tools from damage, theft, or accidents.

Snow removal companies in Vaughan have the choice of these exclusive coverages offered by Oracle RMS:

Property Coverage: Insurance for the replacement of snow plows should it be damaged or break down, as well as the costs for repairs.
Commercial Auto Coverage: Insurance for work vehicles should they suffer damages associated with faulty weather conditions, theft, or accidents. This insurance also covers snow plows, tools and equipment that are attached to the vehicle.
Liability Coverage: Insurance for the damages and costs for a client should they suffer a slip and fall on property you service or damages to their property.

When the suburbs of Vaughan are hit with a heavy snowfall, snow removal contractors like yourself will save the day by keeping their city functioning. Your role in communities is invaluable as you work to protect the residents from dangerous snow levels. If you’re a snow removal contractor in Vaughan, remember to protect yourself and your business by receiving a custom quote with Oracle RMS.

Should you have any further questions regarding your insurance quote for Vaughan or surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.