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With a population of 934,243, Ottawa has the dual distinction of being both the fourth-largest city in Canada and the nation’s capital. Naturally, the federal government, healthcare, and tech industries are among Ottawa’s largest and most well-known employers. But the capital’s close proximity to potential government buyers, its relative ease of access to other markets, and its talented labour force make it an especially attractive location for manufacturers.
As a manufacturer and a business owner, you don’t want to settle for just any insurance policy. With the help of an experienced broker, you can easily get the coverage you need at the best rate possible.


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If you’re in the market for insurance in Ottawa, here are a couple of options that you may want to discuss with your broker: 

Commercial General Liability Insurance:

Depending on where you are in the supply chain, your company may not always have total control over the final product. And even when you do, sometimes mistakes can be made. Commercial general liability insurance is useful for manufacturers because it can cover the cost of litigation if a customer or some other third party suffers property damage or personal injury due to one of your products.

Business Interruption Insurance:

Sometimes in the aftermath of a fire or some other natural disaster, it’s possible for the damage to be so extensive that you can’t operate until repairs are completed. Business interruption insurance can compensate you for things like lost income, bills, and other expenses if an insured peril puts your company temporarily out of business.

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Manufacturing Facts in Ottawa


Fact 1:
Rheinmetall Canada, the multibillion-dollar aerospace and defense company, is based in Ottawa.

Fact 2:
Ottawa is home to 43 computer and electronic product manufacturers.

Fact 3:
Lockheed Martin Canada is headquartered in Ottawa.

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