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If you’re a contractor or construction company that builds swimming pools for residential and/or commercial clients in the Regional Municipality of York, it’s important to be insured so that you can protect your assets at all times. When your business is on the line, it’s essential that you work with a licensed insurance broker who understands your needs. Contact Oracle RMS today.

Located right in the Golden Horseshoe, the Regional Municipality of York is home to nine municipalities and 1,109,909 residents. These municipalities include five towns in Aurora, Georgina, East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, and Whitchurch-Stouffville; three cities in Markham, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan; and one township in King. This is enough to make the Regional Municipality of York one of the largest census divisions in the province and in all of Canada. With Lake Simcoe to the north and Toronto to the south, this region is also a part of the Greater Toronto Area. In addition, the Regional Municipality of York is home to a number of protected areas that include Milne Park, Kortright Centre, and Sibbald Point Provincial Park and boasts a diverse local economy that includes major employers like UPS Canada in Vaughan and the municipal government in Newmarket.
Like many other places in Canada, the Regional Municipality of York’s climate is known for its warm summers and cold winters. For many residents, swimming is the perfect way to make the most out of that summer weather. To be clear, pools aren’t exclusive to designated public swimming pools. Apartment complexes, gyms, and residential homes are all places where a pool might be available. As the population in the Regional Municipality of York has grown from 592,445 in 1996 to 1,109,909 in the 2016 census, the need for new developments has expanded accordingly. If you’re in the business of installing and/or maintaining pools, carrying pool insurance in York can help you protect yourself and your business.  


Pool insurance can help you protect your business and your assets as you go about building pools for your clients. Here are some coverage options you may benefit from:


General Liability:

This type of insurance can give you coverage in the event that an accident happens or damage is done to a client’s property. Repairs can be expensive and so can the legal bills associated with getting sued. This insurance type will cover legal expenses, damages, and settlements.

Installation Floater:

When you’re constructing and installing a swimming pool, you may not own all of the materials you’re installing. However, if materials are damaged while in transit, on the site, or during the installation process, you may nonetheless be held liable. An installation floater will keep you covered during this critical stage of the process.


Pollution Insurance:

This type of insurance is ideal for York-based swimming pool contractors who also do maintenance work on the pools that they construct. If chemicals you use to clean or maintain the pool wind up damaging a client’s property, pollution insurance will keep you covered.


Rip & Tear Insurance:

While there’s no question that as a swimming pool contractor, you will do your best to deliver excellent work, sometimes mistakes are made and faulty materials get installed that ultimately need replacing. A major problem from the client’s standpoint is that fixing the replacement may involve damaging non-defective property. Rip and tear coverage provides an extra layer of protection in the event that previous work on the swimming pool needs to be fixed.



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When you take out pool insurance in the Regional Municipality of York, you are protecting yourself and your business from the financial fallout of being forced to pay out of pocket for lawsuits, settlements, and damages in the event that the unthinkable happens.

At Oracle RMS, we pride ourselves on listening to your concerns and taking the time to understand the unique circumstances of your business before matching you to the best pool insurance plans in the York Region.

The insurance providers we partner with will offer you a range of plans and quotes designed to provide the coverage options that swimming pool contractors in York can count on.
Our licensed brokers won’t throw a bunch of lingo at you while leaving you to your own devices. They’ll work with you through every step of the process so that you don’t leave with any less than an insurance policy that’s perfectly tailored to your business needs.

Protect your business and your work assets by taking out pool insurance for York-based swimming pool contractors. Some additional coverage options you may want to consider include: 


Commercial Auto Insurance:

Many business owners who travel a lot for work would be surprised to know that in the absence of a policy, their commercial vehicles may not be fully insured in the event of an accident. Between job sites and picking up items, many swimming pool contractors spend a fair amount of time on the road. Commercial auto insurance will provide coverage to your vehicle in the event that the unthinkable happens.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

As a contractor who installs and constructs swimming pools, you’re in a specialized line of work. If your tools were to break down or malfunction, chances are that it would be difficult for you to continue doing your work. While you can’t always predict when that piece of equipment is going to shut down for the last time, you can be covered no matter what if you have equipment breakdown insurance.

Business Interruption Insurance

While there are insurance options that will cover you for the cost of repairing and replacing items, many policies won’t compensate you for business opportunities lost. Every day that you have to spend waiting for equipment to come in or repairs to be completed is a day where, through no fault of your own, you’re not working and earning a living. Business interruption insurance can cover your financial losses during these downtimes.

Building & Property Insurance

So much emphasis gets put on the worksite and having coverage during the construction and installation of the swimming pool that it’s easy to forget about all the other items that you don’t bring with you. Do you have a storage unit that you keep certain items at? Does your company hold inventory in its buildings? Building and property insurance will cover you for damage done to your building as well as damage done to the inventory and equipment that’s stored there.

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Swimming Pool Facts in the Regional Municipality of York


Fact 1:
Residents of Newmarket and the surrounding area can sign up for first-come-first-serve swimming lessons either as individuals or in small groups. Anyone who’s interested in this opportunity can find the link here.

Fact 2:
Regional Municipality of York residents who want to take up swimming have a number of schools to choose from with Felix’s Swim Schools, Champion Swimming, Making Waves Swim School, and Russell Aquatics, and many others offering lessons.

Fact 3:
Swimming pools are so popular in Aurora that the town may be considering the option of adding a new pool to try and keep up with demand. You can find out more here.

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