Are winter tires worth it? Read these snow tire myths and facts to find out!


Are you wondering if winter tires are a good idea for your vehicle this year? Will your all-season tires be enough to help you get by? 

With titles like “all-season” and “all-weather” being attached to tires, it isn’t easy for drivers to separate fact from fiction. Our list of facts and myths will help you uncover the truth about winter tires.

Winter Tire Myths

Canadian winters are hard enough as it is. Don’t let these snow tire myths put you at risk:

Myth #1: You Can Drive at Normal Speeds With Winter Tires

Even with their winter-ready attributes, snow tires will still slide if you hit an ice patch. You need a combination of winter tires and safe driving to lower your chances of getting into a serious accident.

Myth #2: Deflating Your Tires Can Give You More Traction

While deflating your tires may seem like a cost-saving hack, it’s actually a move that could put you in danger. If your tires are under-inflated, you could be driving your way towards a flat while also decreasing the lifespan of your all-season set. 

Myth #3: You Can Get Away With Using Two Winter Tires

Winter tires and all-season tires have different treads and different levels of traction. In these circumstances, it’s easy to lose control of the vehicle if you have the misfortune of hitting an ice patch. 

Winter Tire Facts

We’ve just talked about winter tire myths. But what are the facts? Keep reading to find out.

Fact #1: Winter Tires are Best-in-Class on Snow-Covered Roads

When it comes to ice and snow, winter tires are hands down the best in the business. Their tread makes them uniquely capable of gripping snowy roads in ways that other tires simply can’t replicate. 

Fact #2: Winter Tires Give You Extra Protection Throughout the Colder Months

Winter tires aren’t just your best shot at navigating snowy weather — they’re an excellent way to avoid hydroplaning when the roads are wet. The same rubber that makes these tires so good at handling snow is a major part of what makes them effective at lower temperatures.

Fact #3: Winter Tires Can Save You Money

By purchasing winter tires and driving safely, you might be eligible for a discount on your auto insurance. If you haven’t been taking advantage of these savings, we can help you find more opportunities to lower your insurance costs.

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