Winter is almost over, and spring is here. And along with the warmer weather, the summer holidays, and the increased relaxation time, many Ontarians are looking forward to getting together and putting a few burgers on the grill.

If you’ve been craving a good old-fashioned grilled meal, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to give you our top tips for using your barbecue safely.

Tip #1: Inspect Your Barbecue Before Using It if It’s Been a While

Although lots of people love eating grilled food during all seasons, braving the Ontario winter cold for a bit of barbecue isn’t on most people’s to-do lists. But if your grill has been sitting dormant during the cold winter months, you’ll want to check it for damage. If you see any damaged hoses, cracks, or leaks, your grill could be too much of a fire hazard.

Tip #2: Keep Your Grill Away From Flammable Materials

You never know when a sudden breeze or a brisk wind can direct the spark that starts a fire. How can you ensure that a quick look at your cooking won’t end with your home and your patio going up in flames? Set up your barbecue at a healthy distance from any flammable structures. If you make a point of grilling in a clear and well-ventilated area while looking out for hanging branches, you can do a lot to stay safe during barbecue season.

Tip #3: Avoid Grease Buildup 

That long winter period isn’t the only time that grease can become a fire hazard. Putting too much meat in the grill or failing to examine the burners before use can also contribute to grease fires. If you look for grease before turning the gas on and then are careful throughout your grilling, however, grease buildup is a problem that’s easy to avoid.

Tip #4: Have Updated Home Insurance

Sometimes, even when you’ve done everything that’s recommended, the worst-case scenario can still happen. That’s why it never hurts to make home insurance checkups a regular part of your routine. Even if an accident occurs, your insurance can help protect your finances and the financial investment that you’ve made in your home.


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