Nature has taken its course earlier than ever as temperatures and snowfall measurements have hit records high only in the beginning of November across Ontario. Winter has arrived early and caught most people off guard. Residents across Ontario have scrambled to get snow tires and snow removal businesses have rushed to the aid of snowed-in cities.

Without the businesses that are devoted to removing snow and helping cities and towns stay mobile, work and school, commuting would be a disaster. If you run a snow removal business, you understand how much value your service brings. While you are out in the cold and protecting the community, remember to protect yourself with Snow Removal Contractor Insurance. There are many risks that come with the job that makes it imperative to have insurance to protect you and your business.

Theft & Damage

Since you run your business using a truck and plow, there will always be a risk that the vehicle could be stolen or damaged in an accident. Should your plow, tools, and equipment be stolen or damaged, your insurance will cover repair or replacement costs.

Workers Compensation

In the likely event you have employees working for you, you need workers compensation insurance. Should your employee be injured on the site, this insurance will help cover medical costs. If a work-related accident causes them to be put on disability, no longer be able to work, or even suffer a death on the job, this insurance will protect your employee, their family and your business.

Liability Insurance

This type of coverage is a necessity should you be accused of negligence on the job. This is a huge risk for all snow removal businesses. Should you perform a service on a property, where someone suffers and slip and falls on that property, you could be liable for damages, if they sue your business. Slip and falls are a very likely risk on plowed property and the responsibility of covering damages will be yours. Snow removal contractor insurance will protect you in this unfortunate scenario.

An exceptionally cold and brutal winter season is on the horizon in Canada.  The service snow removal companies provide is invaluable. Consider snow removal contractor insurance today and continue to serve the communities with the service that keeps them thriving during the winter months.

Protect your business by reaching out to a licensed Oracle RMS professional that will access your business and its exposure. With a tailor made plan that’s right for you, you will be paying the best price for the best protection and your winter business journey will be smooth from here on out.