As more people have stayed in and gyms have had to close, folks have been turning to fitness experts in order to trim down those extra pandemic pounds. 

But as it turns out, however, a key part of keeping your company protected is having the right insurance. We’ve put together a fitness professional insurance guide that’ll give you a solid understanding of what that looks like.

Before We Get Started

When it comes to getting business insurance as a fitness professional, there are a few general rules of thumb:

  • Individual trainers and full-scale gyms may have different insurance needs
  • Online personal trainers do still have professional risks 
  • The “right” insurance package may change depending on your current and future plans

Key Insurance Types for Fitness Professionals

1. Professional Liability Insurance

In many cases, the quest to get fit isn’t purely about the number on the scale. People who are looking to get fit are often pursuing a certain aesthetic or chasing a specific health outcome. In addition, you’re often telling clients what they should do to get the results they’re after.

If a disgruntled client takes your advice and gets hurt or doesn’t get the results they want, you could be sued. Professional liability insurance can cover the costs of your defence. 

2. Contents Insurance

Whether you’re a weightlifting expert or you’re all about helping your clients tone up, there’s one thing that all fitness professionals can agree on:

Fitness equipment is expensive. 

Weightlifting machines, treadmills, and ellipticals can all easily cost several hundred or several thousand dollars each. 

If you offer an online course or a bunch of additional fitness training videos, your computers and your cameras may also be indispensable to your business. A contents insurance policy can compensate you if an insured peril ever damages your equipment. 

3. Commercial General Liability Insurance

Gyms see a lot of foot traffic on a day-to-day basis. 

As the manager of a fitness facility, you never know when someone might trip on a weight or slip on a wet floor. That’s why one of the coverage options we offer in our yoga insurance package is commercial general liability insurance.

If you accidentally damage someone’s property or if someone gets hurt while on your property, this is a coverage option that you may need to have.

Protect Your Business with Fitness Professional Insurance 

As a fitness professional, you can protect your livelihood and your business by having up-to-date insurance. 

If you or your studio offers yoga, you can get a FREE yoga insurance quote from us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.