Our health has never been more important. As the entire world continues to face a serious global pandemic that has altered our new “normal”, now more than ever, being in good health is imperative. As the warm temperatures begin to drop and our cold Canadian winter is creeping towards us, flu season begins. Flu season will bring an influx in flu cases to Canadian doctor offices, clinics and hospitals. Compromised immune systems could raise the risks of becoming Covid-19 positive. Taking care of your health now will serve you well during flu season, as your body’s strong immune system has a better chance of combating colds and viruses.  Being proactive in taking care of your health and having a powerful defence against sickness, especially while navigating this difficult time-will help protect yourself, your loved ones and the community you are a part of.


Your Health Comes First

Start a healthy routine today. Ways to improve and strengthen your immune system are fairly simple. Firstly, get an adequate amount of sleep. Getting a good and proper nights rest will allow your body to work in its best state. Next, take a look at your diet. Be sure to include nutrients, vegetables, fruits and probiotics. Probiotics are a research supported way to boost your immune system. Find ways to include probiotics in your diet from either food or a supplement. Stay hydrated by continuing to replenish your body with fluids throughout the day. In addition to these steps, ensure you are moving your body and regularly partaking in exercise. Exercise boosts the immune system dramatically. Last of all and very importantly, be sure to manage your stress. High stress levels can hinder your immune system’s ability to defend against colds and viruses. How much stress you are under mentally will have an effect on you physically.


Soap & Water Always

  •   3 hours is the amount of time that bacteria from colds and viruses can remain alive on your hands for. Ensure you are consistently washing your hands with soap and water, for a minimum of 15 seconds to kill germs. Wash your wrists and both sides of your hands paying mind to the tips of your fingers too.
  •   If you are out without access to soap and water, ensure you use hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol content.


Shield Others

  •       Wear a mask while indoors in a public space, following mandatory guidelines set in place.
  •   When coughing or sneezing, do so into a tissue or your upper arm if no tissue is available.


Don’t Touch M.E.N

  •   Keep your hands off and out of your mouth, ears and nose. Limit touching your face completely.
  •   Virus droplets from infected persons will enter your body through one of these three ways. Your hands can have living viruses on them for up to 3 hours and they can live on hard surfaces for much longer, approximately 2-8 hours.


Have Symptoms? Socially Distance

  •   Once you feel your first symptom, socially isolate at home and away from others. Viruses are prone to spread more in public places and places where groups of people.
  •   Even without symptoms, people should be following the Public Health guidelines and guidelines put in place in your community.
  •   Rethink your holiday gatherings as Thanksgiving approaches. Big group gatherings will spread germs. As we continue to try to slow the spread of viruses, holiday gatherings should be small, include social-distancing measures and have masks worn, where possible.
  •   Limit your contact with those around you who are sick and avoid sharing anything with them.
  •   If your child tests positive for the flu, they will need to stay home and socially distance. Schools and Covid-19 rules state children should be kept home during the time they are sick.


Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize,

  •   In addition to sanitizing and washing your hands. Sanitize products and surfaces around you. Doors knobs, car handles, countertops, phones, computer keyboards, groceries and products from out of home should all be sanitized. Sanitize anything you bring into your home from stores. Give groceries a wipe down with an antibacterial wipe to ensure you are eliminating possibly harmful germs from entering your home.
  •   Reminder: viruses can live on hard surfaces for up to 8 hours.

Get The Flu Shot!

  •   Public health states everyone 6 months or older should receive a flu shot. The benefits of the flu shot are that it will protect you should you be exposed to the virus, prevent you from getting the flu, protect people close to you and the vulnerable from spreading germs.
  •   Getting the updated flu shot every year will protect you from evolving viruses and will prevent the effectiveness of the shot from wearing off.
  •   Shoppers Drug Mart is offering customers 500 bonus PC optimum points if they register for flu shot reminders!


Follow these steps to strengthen your immune system, be proactive about germs and protect yourself, your loved ones and others during flu season.  If you do feel you are suffering from the flu, follow the above guidelines.

Health Tips for the Upcoming Flu Season